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This week’s podcast is mostly focused on Apple’s announcement. We fully deconstruct the iPhone’s headphone jack and the new direction of the Apple Watch. We also talk about Intel’s latest purchase and Sony’s new console. See below for all the notes.

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Apple Show Notes

The chip maker behind the original project Tango hardware and DJI’s new computer vision now joins Intel to boost RealSense.
Intel Bought Movidius
Parrot Launches A Machine Vision For Drones DevKit


If you didn’t know, smartphones and apps are a big deal. Just how big? about 60% of your time big.
Smartphone apps now account for half the time Americans spend online


Apple held their iPhone event on Wednesday. The first two are nice overviews. The rest are for specific products if you want to dive deeper.
Everything Apple Announced Today At Their iPhone 7 Event That Actually Matters
Apple’s Strategy is Innovation By a Thousand Tweaks

Mario is coming to iOS! Yes!
Mario Found A Portal To A New iWorld
Did Nintendo Just Become A Little Less Nintendo
Nintendo go another huge stock bump
The Man Behind Mario Explains Nintendo’s New iPhone Game
Apple’s App Store gets a “Notify” button for soon-to-launch apps

iPhone: Water proof, 2 new colors, 2 cameras, 2 dual cores, 2 speakers.
The iPhone Has Two Cameras That Work As One
Digital Zoom Is Still Awful
The Bokeh Effect and AI

Apple is really focusing on athletes with the latest Apple Watch updates.
Apple Announces The Swimproof Apple Watch 2
Apple Watch Edition Will Be Ceramic and a Lot Cheaper
The Luxury Smartwatch Is Dead
Apple is tacitly admitting that its high hopes for the Apple Watch have failed

For the 10 people that care…
iWorks Is Getting Real Time Collaboration

I think they did a horrible job explaining this. “Courage”? I don’t want courage, I want a practical example of why this is a benefit to me as the customer. Tell me what you added to the phone by getting rid of the jack. Tell me why there isn’t a current use case that I should worry about (charging the phone while listening to music on a plane). Tell me why lightning audio is better than regular audio. They needed to really knock this explanation out of the park and I think they fell very short of that. Instead they spent 10 minutes pitching headphones with limited battery, high expense and worst of all make you look like a bit of a nerd. They didn’t even let Beats stretch their wings for a few minutes.
Apple’s AirPods: Don’t Kill A Good Thing Till You Have A Better Thing
Apple Killed The Headphone Jack
Only Apple could get away with killing the headphone jack
Removing the Headphone Jack is a Business Decision, and Not Much Else
Apple’s Doing It For Control


Sony also announced a new PS4. They have a slimmed down version and one for “Professionals”… whoever they are…
Sony Announces the PS4 Pro
Playstation 4 Slim Comes September 15th

PS4 Comparison Chart
Here’s a cool use-case for 3D printing: stop motion animation.
How 3D Printing Is Revolutionizing Stop Motion Animation