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Galaxy Note 7 Explosion

Image: boredpanda.com

In this week’s podcast we talk about HPI’s purchase of Samsung’s printer business, Alphabet’s natural speech and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 exploding phones. We also get into a bunch of other stories that you can check out below. Enjoy!

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Galaxy Show Notes

James gives the inside scoop on how the printing market is starting to consolidate.
Samsung Sells Its Copier Business To HPI


Alphabet’s DeepMind project is able to make a computer speak. It’s pretty awesome.
Recreating Natural Speech With A Neural Net


If you own a Galaxy Note 7. Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200. Go directly to your local store and replace it.
The Galaxy Note 7 Recall Is Official
But Not Many Are Returning Them
Samsung Stopped Advertising Their Flagship Phone
Samsung Loses 26 Billion In Market Value
More Galaxy Note 7’s Are Overheating
Galaxy Note 7’s Limited To 60% Battery
How Apple Wins The Spec Race By Losing
TechCrunch Disrupt took place this week and two teams stood out above the rest. Even though Mobalytics won, UnifyID seems more interesting.
Mobalytics is a coach for competitive gamers
UnifyID wants to bury the password once and for all


Don’t want to buy a new car to get in on the automated driving craze? For $1,000 and $24/mo, you can.
Comma.ai Will Automate Your Old Dumb Car


The future of streaming is here! Did you watch the game on Twitter?
More than two million people watched Twitter’s NFL stream on Thursday night


Tim Cook manages to say nothing about AR, other than he thinks it’ll be big.
Tim Cook Thinks AR Is A Big Deal And VR is Lame

The Matrix will now seem like a period piece because people will no longer use wires to jack into devices.
How Apple Killed the Cyberpunk Dream


You think self-driving cars are cool? Wait until you see what Walmart wants to do with shopping carts.
Self-driving Shopping Carts Could Greet You at Walmart


YouTube wants to turn into a full fledge platform for creators. We’ll definitely hear more about this later.
YouTube Is Building Community—And It’s Not Just About Video

Apple is starting to use Intel to manufacture some of their mobile chips.
iPhone 7 Modems Are Sourced From Qualcomm and Intel


I love the Internet. Here’s a $1 sticker pack you can buy to correct your friend’s spelling in iMessage. Too funny.
Grammar Snob for iMessages


Jeff Bezos announces the next phase of Blue Origin, which are really big rockets.
Blue Origin Announced Rocket That Hasn’t Blown Up On The Launch Pad

The soap opera continues with Microsoft somehow becoming the open-source good guy.
In A Major Cultural Shift, Microsoft Is The Largest Contributor On Github


Image: boredpanda.com