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259: Apple Doesn’t Want You To Hear This

259: Apple Doesn’t Want You To Hear This

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This week’s podcast is mostly focused on Apple’s announcement. We fully deconstruct the iPhone’s headphone jack and the new direction of the Apple Watch. We also talk about Intel’s latest purchase and Sony’s new console. See below for all the notes.

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215: The Economics Of Homemade Chips

Homemade Chips

We cover a ton of news this week because so much of it is interrelated. If you take away one concept from this week, let it be this: Artificial intelligence continues to expand it’s capabilities and is aiding on the road, in the classroom, and on your face. AI will struggle to  make surprise moves that turn out to be genus, and we need to often ask ourselves if it’s worth it.

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Buy Whichever Phone Makes You Happy

Episode 52! Apple releases iOS 6 and the world explodes off the maps! We talk about why it’ll be OK for Apple, and why Google will still be OK too. The only real loser is RIM, who suffered another outage while losing the lead in security. Facebook continues to be creepy by asking friends to snitch, AT&T continues to be a jerk.

We also talk about the possibility of a Star Trek like Warp Drive, Verizon CFO’s comments about Unlimited Data, Phil Schiller’s comments about wireless charging, and Sony’s redesign of the PS3. Finally, Matthew shares his experience completing the Tough Mudder.


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