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Rebooting iOS Operating Systems

This week we dive deep into Apple’s WWDC where they release updates for their four operating systems. At the same time, E3 took place and we review a bunch of the new games announced. Oh yeah, and Microsoft bought LinkedIn.

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Operating Systems Show Notes

Microsoft will soon own a social network of the office. Their strategy is starting to come into focus.
Microsoft Is Buying LinkedIn For $26.2B
Why LinkedIn is worth $26 billion to Microsoft


Apple WWDC Stories:
Everything Apple Announced at WWDC That Actually Matters
watchOS Comes With Instant Launch And Handwriting
Getting Competitive With Fitness Tracking
tvOS Gets Live Channels And Single Sign In
macOS Gets Siri, Auto Unlock And Cool iCloud Stuff
Apple Photos Gets Artificially Intelligent
Messenger Gets A Modern Makeover
Apple’s Fence Around The Garden Got Considerably Lowered
Machine Learning And Differential Data
Apple’s ‘Differential Privacy’ Is About Collecting Your Data-But Not Your Data
While Less Invasive Than Google And Facebook, It Still May Be Illegal
Apple Announces Home App
All the Hidden, Awesome Stuff in iOS 10 Apple Didn’t Announce
How Siri works in iOS 10 for third-party apps: Rich integration with six kinds of application
40 New Tricks For Your Amazon Echo


E3 Game Trailers:
Titanfall 2, With Grappling Hooks And A Single Player
Skyrim Remastered
Fallout 4 Will Get A Vive Treatment
Also, New Content!
Supershot VR
Spider-Man For PS4
Halo Wars 2
The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild


E3 Hardware:
PS VR Gets An Official Launch Date
PS VR Aim Controller
Resident Evil Will Go VR
Making Xbox A PC


Image Modified from: macworld.co.uk