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210: Recapping Google’s iPhone Event

Google Pixel

This week we spend time diving into Google’s hardware announcements. Their phones look interesting and the Pixel tablet is particularly interesting (if you can handle the price). Overall Google continues to make solid improvements to their hardware offerings. Check below for all the stories we cover in this episode.

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144: Warrantless Android Searches


Google takes the spotlight this week to show off all the cool things they’ve been working on. They shared updates to Android (duh), Wear, TV, Auto, Chrome and Chromecast. Yeah, it was a lot.

We also talk about Cruise Automation for cars, Woot becoming Meh, Facebook experimenting on our emotions, Aereo dying, and GoPro living.

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96d: Google’s Chromecast surfs onto your TV

Is it enough to take on all the other offerings? Probably not, but at $35, it’s hard to pass up.

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96: Incremental American Improvements

Incremental Improvement

Incremental (adjective): of, relating to, being, or occurring in especially small improvements.

That’s what we featured this week. Incremental improvements in earnings calls, Samsung’s TouchWiz UI, Google products (Nexus 7, 4.3 Jelly Bean, Play Games App and even their Chromecast). We also talk about the potentially new Ubuntu Edge, and manufacturing in America.

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