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188: How To Pronounce Satya

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This week we focus on Microsoft and their announcements at their Build Conference. In short: Continuum looks great, .NET aims to kill Java and Oracle, HoloLens to coming along just fine and Microsoft still doesn’t know how old you are.

We also chat about the Avengers (of course), the EM Drive, Facebook’s video chat feature, and Tesla’s home battery.

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96b: The tail continues to wag the dog

Samsung announces a developer conference for their TouchWiz UI built on top of Android.

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96: Incremental American Improvements

Incremental Improvement

Incremental (adjective): of, relating to, being, or occurring in especially small improvements.

That’s what we featured this week. Incremental improvements in earnings calls, Samsung’s TouchWiz UI, Google products (Nexus 7, 4.3 Jelly Bean, Play Games App and even their Chromecast). We also talk about the potentially new Ubuntu Edge, and manufacturing in America.

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