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2017 Predictions

It’s our seasonal finale where we review our predictions for the year and review what happened. There’s a lot packed into the 45 minute show (the prediction show, #275, was 3 hours!) Each of the predictions are captured below.

Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash

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2017 Predictions


  • James: No new computer, Matthew yes
  • Matthew will move
  • No new job for Matthew
  • James will not have a new job
  • Matthew will get a 3d printer
  • Jack dies of natural causes
  • James, won’t buy a Tesla, will buy a van.

Machine Learning:

  • Machine learning will be the theme of 2017


  • Machine vision services will be huge


  • AI is the buzzword of the year. Machine learning will be huge. Companies with lots of data will be the winners
  • The companies with the best data will be the most successful



  • Matthew: iMac pro, no Mac Pro or Mac mini
  • James: spec bump
  • Get rid of MacBook air
  • 10th anniversary iPhone:
    • New body
    • Changed name
    • Truly wireless power
    • Dual camera on everything
    • Push forward with AI
    • Some more AR features
    • No OLED
    • Rounded edge with new screen more likely than wireless charging
  • iPad, spec boost, not force touch
  • Apple TV, 4K, James no 4k, because it’s not available in iTunes
  • James: Apple Home
  • Apple won’t disrupt themselves in the home
  • Matthew & james, no hardware Apple Watch update. Maybe new material. No 3g
  • iOS X (as a joke) no big software, just superficial changes
  • Augmented reality through the iPhone
  • Apple will repatriate a bunch of cash



  • Google will have more messaging apps by 2018, james says consolidation
    • Duo
    • Allo
    • Hangouts
    • Text messaging
    • Gmail
  • New pixel phone
  • Better upgrades to assistant
  • New home device
  • Project Tango Phones will increase
  • VR will play second fiddle to AR, long term
  • Nest refreshes a product or two



  • James, First Waymo car will be sold 2019
  • Waymo partnerships
  • A wide scale demonstration of Waymo tech



  • VR, social VR platform is the priority, focus on expressiveness
  • Messaging
  • AI
  • More hardware
  • Crushing snapchats hopes and dreams
  • Sony will come out with peripherals for VR



  • Expand FPGA farms
  • Start shipping hololens
  • Windows VR hardware partners
  • New surface computers
  • No more dump “this is the future” videos



  • James will be a Prime member
  • Hardware update
  • Need help with skills, won’t fix it



  • Snapchat will IPO
  • James, Spectacles will become generally available, no new hardware
  • Matthew, snapchat will have new hardware.



  • James, Uber CEO will hang around, won’t IPO, no pivot, take down Lyft, just gotta survive the year
  • Tesla, model 3 will overwhelm them this year
  • How many Rocky’s will SpaceX blow up? 1
  • Twitter just needs to not fail
  • Yahoo will die this year, james: they’ll get bought by Verizon. Matthew, a real disaster could happen.
  • Samsung: no exploding phones this year
  • James: Nintendo Switch will be middling, PS4 pro will be the best seller
  • Drones, won’t have much