319: What Were The Dumbest Inventions Of 2017?

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It’s the end of the year and that means the most important question we need to answer is: What were the dumbest inventions of 2017? From useless inventions to inventions that aren’t actually inventions at all, we cover a list of the worst ideas people based entire business around.

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Dumbest Inventions Of 2017

Wandelbots wants to reinvent the way we program robots by
Rhett Jones

“If 2016 was the year of “Uber for X,” 2017 was the year of Silicon Valley “inventing” things. The tech industry officially ran out of ideas this year. Rather than tacking on some tech element to things that already exist, it edged closer to just renaming the things that already exist. To be fair to Silicon Valley, it rarely claims to have “invented” anything. “Disrupting shit” is the preferred vernacular. But so many new ideas this year weren’t really innovating or improving much of anything. If there’s anything that the top “inventions” accomplished in 2017, it’s finding a way to make rich people feel good about paying too much money for something that previous innovations made affordable for most. ”