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Amazon Echo Show

Amazon showed off their new echo: Echo Show, which comes with a display to augment Alexa’s voice control. Think of it as a video conference landline, which the possible potential to be MUCH more. At $320, it isn’t going to be for everyone, but if you have the right use case, it’s a great product. The rest of the stories are below.

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Amazon Show Notes

Apple, Alphabet, Facebook, Amazon & Microsoft all dominate our lives. If you had to give one of them up, which would be it?
Which Tech Giant Would You Drop?


Carter now has the record for the most re-tweets and therefore Wendys will be giving him chicken nuggets for a year. Well done Internet.
We Got Nuggs For Carter


Amazon released the Echo Show. It’s an Echo with a touch screen. It’s not a tablet, but instead a screen to augment the voice control of Alexa. We had a healthy debate on the future of these devices.
The Amazon Echo Show Is Here

Voice Calling And Messaging Will Be Supported On All Echos

Amazon To Control 70% Of Voice Controlled Speakers This Year

5 Highlights About Echo Show

Hey Walmart, here’s the startup that inspired the thing Amazon just launched

Microsoft is planning to turn Windows 10 PCs into Amazon Echo competitors


Microsoft held they Build Event last week which is more developer focused. In general, their trying to make Windows more developer friendly by making it more compatible with mobile devises and servers.
Biggest Announcements From Microsoft’s Build Event
ARM Computers Running Windows 10 Can Run x86 Apps
You Can Get 3 Distros Of Linux From The Windows Store
Acer Will Sell A Mixed Reality Headset With Motion Controllers For $399
At This Point The “Mixed” Part Isn’t A Reality Yet


Self-driving vehicles continue to make progress with collecting more and more logged miles. Tesla is asking owners to share their data and Waymo continues to drive mini-vans all over the place.
Tesla Wants Drivers To Give Them Access To All Their Driving Data
Waymo Made It To 3 Million Miles Driven, And The Pace Is Increasing


This is super cool. Carnegie Mellon University has figured out how to turn pretty much anything into a touch sensor using something as simple as spray paint with electric sensors. There’s a video at the bottom of the article is shows how it works. This is definitely going to be part of the DIY future.
New technique turns anything into a touch sensor


Google is making it easier for people to upload 360 degree video with different types of certifications. They also bought a VR studio, which means they’re interested in making more content. All exciting!
Google Has A 360 Camera Certification Program Now
Google Acquired VR Studio Owlchamy
20,000 Year Old Artifacts, 21st Century Technology
Snap gave their first earnings report, and they we’re great. It turns out that Wall Street likes companies that make money.
Snap stock down