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Surface Laptop with Windows 10 S

This week Microsoft announced a new Surface Laptop and Windows 10 S. The laptop is meant to compete with the MacBook Air and Windows 10 S only allows you to download apps from their store. Personally, I think the new hardware looks cool, and as long as the app store has the apps I want, I’d welcome the extra security. The rest of the stories are below.

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Windows 10 S Show Notes

TechCrunch had fun imaging what a pitch would sound like for some older technologies if they were re-applied to today. It’s entertaining.
Imagining five retro technologies as startup pitches


If Amazon, Target, Google And Ebay Turn Off Their Apple Watch Apps And Nobody Notices, Were They Even On To Begin With?
Obviously, the answer is yes, there were engineers being paid to support the apps, which is why they turned them off. But the interesting part is that nobody noticed until much later… which shows just how few people were actually using the apps. My guess is that the usage numbers are similar for Messenger Bots.


Microsoft announced a new Surface Laptop and Windows 10 S. The S means that you can only download apps from their store. Much like iOS devices. It should help them complete in schools where locked down devices are valuable. Don’t worry, if you want to download anything from anywhere, you simply pay an extra $50 to get the Windows Home edition.
The Confusing State Of Windows 10 S
The Deal With Windows 10 S
What If Apple Did What Microsoft Just Did?
Microsoft’s Surface Laptop Is Designed To Compete With the MacBook
What The Early, Hands-On Reviews Say About Microsoft’s New Surface Laptop


CRISPR takes the idea of gene mutations, and uses it to change only the genes we want. It’s a way to fight diseases like HIV and change your hair color (and much more). The second link is to another podcast that does a fantastic job explaining what CRISPR is and where it’s headed.
Using CRISPR To Cure HIV
RadioLab Podcast Episode on CRISPR


Avegant Demos Their Light Field HUD
How hard is that, Magic Leap? See? They showed us something that actually works and it doesn’t make them seem like lunatics. Oh, also they have a successful consumer product already being manufactured at scale. So yeah, that’s two for two.


Square may be onto a new type of bank without being a bank. They’re also realizing that everyone using a card and they want in.
Square is rolling out its first debit card


Some hackers used Google’s own system to hack accounts. It seems that people have gotten smarter about not clicking on strange links, and so the hackers are getting smarting about sending us links that don’t look strange.
Breaking Into Your Google Account

Travis Kalanick is in a death spiral. Uber will probably survive, but this is a bad sign for their CEO.
Uber’s Travis Kalanick has canceled his Code Conference interview