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Camera Needed for Eyes

Machines are already smart and getting smarter. One way they’re getting even smarter is by putting cameras on everything so they can easier track us. Don’t get scared! This is actually a good thing. The show notes are below with lots of examples of how companies/machines are getting smarter.

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Camera Show Notes

Machines are smart and getting smarter. As such, we’re giving them more and more decision control in our lives. It’s probably a good thing, but comes with certain weirdness.
Working for the Machines


Speaking of computers getting smarter, here’s and example of Uber and Google using their data to give you better recommendations.
Uber Know’s Where You’re Going And Where You’ve Been. They’re Using That To Make A Restaurant Guide
Google Music Taps Big Data to Build a Robot DJ Mind-Reader


TJI is a hardware company with amazing software custom built for their hardware. They don’t sell anything for less than a grand and product features start at the top tier and quickly work their way down to the lower. For cheap drones, just by last year’s model. The only drones better than DJI’s last year model is DJI’s current year’s model.
DJI Is The Apple Of Drones
DJI’s Phantom 4 Pro Looks Amazing
DJI’s Inspire 2 Looks More Amazing
Go Drone Fishing With A Waterproof Drone


Cameras are are glasses and soon they’ll be everywhere. It’ll dramatically help smart home devises track and serve us.
The Impressive Part Of Snapchat’s Glasses
Nothing Brings A Line Like A Line
The cameras are coming
I Used Only My Mind to Fly a Plane Around Seattle


This week in open source:
Microsoft Joins The Linux Foundation
Google Joined .NET Foundation and Samsung Is Bring .NET Support To Tizen
Valve’s SteamVR Is Coming To Linux And macOS
Microsoft Is Building Visual Studio For Mac


You can now share your QR code for people to follow you instead of sharing your @username. A poor solution to a non-existent problem.
Twitter adds QR codes for some reason

Image: linearranger.com