262: BlackBerry, Meerkat And GoPro All Qualify For A Trip To Mars

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Mars star chart

In talking about who the first people to visit Mars should be, Elon Musk suggests that it should be people who are willing to die. So… BlackBerry, Meerkat & GoPro are already on their death beds, so it makes them perfect candidates to go to Mars. Each of our story’s are below.

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Mars Show Notes

Here’s a cool article that goes back and remembers what it was like with cell phones first came out. It’s pretty cool remember what it was like when the bricks first came out.
When Phones Went Mobile: Revisiting NPR’s 1983 Story On ‘Cellular’


Oh look, another blast from the past. BlackBerry is getting out of HW and becoming a boutique software company.
BlackBerry Is Ending Hardware Development


Elon Musk painted his vision for going to Mars. In his hour long presentation he outlines the steps to reduce the costs and make it actually feasible.
Elon Musk Wants To Go To Mars
Why Do You Make Money? Musk Does It To Colonize Mars
Just Go Ahead And Watch The Whole Thing


Microsoft is figuring out wants to make servers more efficient and smarter. It’s a little geeky, but pretty cool.
FPGA And The Future Of Servers


Live-streaming is a thing, but not for Meerkat anymore.
Meerkat Pivoted, but Didn’t Want You To Know About It
Turns Out They Pivoted Hard, And Pulled Meerkat From The App Store


I, James, made the right choice to get the August Smart Lock because they’re looking to partner with Amazon to drop packages off inside of people’s homes.
Amazon could be working on in-home package deliveries


DJI has a new drone that is awesome! It’s small and powerful. We want one (or two!). It makes the GoPro seem less cool.
DJI’s New Mavic Is Pretty Small And Amazing
DJI Is Making Life Hard On GoPro


Someone wrote a program to play Super Smash Bros, and it’s pretty good.
Melee’s ‘John Henry moment’ may have already passed


The Apple Watch is starting to get a little more developer attention. It turns out the killer app is notifications.
Aetna To Subsidize Apple Watch
Apple Watch’s Killer App