245: Elon Musk Plays Basketball, His Tech Trends Will Bring a Tear to Your Eye

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We try every week to bring basketball into the discussion, and this week Wired helps us (despite their AdBlocker policy) with a look a the latest tech trends in the NBA. It was also the week of the Code Conference with plenty of interviews to talk about… Mostly Elon Musk’s philosophical thoughts. See all the show notes below.

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Basketball Tech Show Notes


Seth Godin uses the calculator as an example of technology automating jobs and suggests our reaction.
Wasting our technology surplus


Messaging platforms rely heavily on the network effect to have success. By having all the different platforms use the same messaging protocol it would flatten the need for networks (think traditional text messaging). This is Google’s plan to get back into the messaging game.
Google’s Long Term Messaging Strategy: Standards


During the Code Conference Elon Musk waxed philosophically on the future and humankind. He’s never short on crazy [awesome] ideas.
Elon Musk Is Only Worried About One Company Making AI
We’re Living In A Simulation. Probably.
We’re Already Cyborgs, We’re Just I/O Bound
Model 3: Design For Manufacturability. Pencils Down In 6 Weeks
Elon Musk doesn’t think Google will compete with Tesla — but Apple could
Elon Musk wants people on Mars by 2025


Also at the Code Conference was Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends report. This is the best ones.
The Best Meeker 2016 Internet Trends Slides and What They Mean


Boxing was once huge, but is no more, and football feels like it’s on the same path. Ready to replace it in the digital age is basketball.
Techies Are Trying to Turn the NBA Into the World’s Largest Sports League
The business of GIFs: then and now


Facebook’s DeepText currently is used to help you call a cab in chat, but eventually it will read everything everyone writes, and turn it into actionable data. Also, There’s a new book about Facebook. The second link is to an excerpt of the new book.
Facebook’s New AI Get’s What You’re Talking About
How Mark Zuckerberg Led Facebook’s War To Crush Google Plus


Microsoft Windows Holographic is going to be available to all hardware partners.
Microsoft You To Use Windows On Your Vive
Windows Holographic Will Be Available To Hardware Partners
A Good OS With A Solid UI Is Exactly What VR Needs
Using The Vive With A Green Screen
MSI’s Backpack Shows The Potential Of Getting Rid Of VR Cables, But The Wrong Way