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293: Deleting Apps on the Apple Watch and Windows

293: Deleting Apps on the Apple Watch and Windows

Surface Laptop with Windows 10 S

This week Microsoft announced a new Surface Laptop and Windows 10 S. The laptop is meant to compete with the MacBook Air and Windows 10 S only allows you to download apps from their store. Personally, I think the new hardware looks cool, and as long as the app store has the apps I want, I’d welcome the extra security. The rest of the stories are below.

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149: The Grumpy Tenth Man


This week we talk about a bunch of things!

Cory Arcangel wrote a book about people tweeting about writing a book, Matthew bought a Philips Hue, the Vocca Light Switch is voice activated, Best Buy is seeing falling iPad sales but doing well overall, Samsung won’t be launching Tizen anytime soon, Zillow bought Trulia, the USB may not be safe anymore, HP unveils a pretty watch designed by Michael Bastian, Amazon need a 10th man for the Fire Phone, the NFL will start tracking players in real time with FRID, EA and Xbox team up to bring you older titles while Sony launch PlayStation Now to stream old games, Nintendo continues to lose money, HelloWorld gives you a way to share your location with friends, and the House of Lords in Europe agree than the right to be forgotten rule should be forgotten.

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