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CES Rollercoaster

CES 2018 just happened! In this episode we take you on a wild rollercoaster ride by sharing the best and worst tech gadgets shared at the show. Then, as a bonus, we share one big trend/theme of the show (hint: it’s not Apple). See below for the show’s articles.

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CES Rollercoaster Show Notes

High:Kodak Announced A Cryptocurrency
The details are sketchy, but it sounds like the idea is letting someone control their photography assets through the blockchain.

High Runner up: The Vive Pro, Jessica Conditt, Engadget

LowCES Was Full of Useless Robots and Machines That Don’t Work, TAYLOR LORENZ, Daily Beast

High: Vuzix Blade AR glasses are the next-gen Google Glass we’ve all been waiting for by Nick Statt, The Verge

High Runner up: LifeDoor closes your home’s doors automatically to protect against fires by Devin Coldewey, TechCrunch

Low: The FoldiMate, a laundry folding machine that makes you do most of the work yourself.
The Weirdest And Worst Tech Products At CES This Year by Digg

Big Trend: Voice
The Tech Trends From CES 2018 That Will Actually Matter by Patrick Lucas Austin, Lifehacker
Where’s Cortana? Microsoft is playing the long game as Amazon and Google dominate CES by Nat Levy, Geekwire
Apple’s Indirect Presence Fades from CES by Ben Bajarin, Techpinions
Google At CES Is All About The Assistant
Lenovo Smart Display hands-on: Google Assistant gets a new kind of home, Chris Velazco, Engadget