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Meeker Internet Trend Report 2017

Mary Meeker shared her 2017 internet trends report this week. It’s super long, but we broke it down to the good stuff. We also talk about the future of AI and how it’ll get smarter in a beyond-exponential way. The rest of the stories are below.

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Meeker Internet Trends Show Notes


How do you deal with cheaters? The makers of Pokemon decided that instead of banning players, they would make it so they can only collect lower level Pokemon. LOVE IT!
Instead of Banning Cheaters, Pokémon Go Trolls Them Hard


Apple will hold their WWDC today. The amazing part about it this year is that nobody really knows what they’re going to announce. This should help capture more excitement, which they could really use.
What To Expect From WWDC


It’s that time of the year when Mary Meeker drops her 350+ slide presentation on the state of the internet. I decided not to read the whole thing, and instead let TechCrunch highlight the top 50 slides. Some of the findings are interesting indeed.
The best Meeker 2017 Internet Trends slides and what they mean


The classic way to train an AI is to let it watch humans, and then mimic, and then improve. Google is going to try something different: give it the basic rules and let it train itself. If it can generalize this type of learning, it’ll be a huge deal.
AlphaGo And The Future Of AI
Watson Is Working
Google Sheets Can Now Create Custom Graphs… By Just Asking For Them


Internet companies build fast, break things, and build again. That makes sense for software. However, China is now doing that with hardware as well. Amazing!
“China speed”


This is a cool breakdown of the improvements Google Maps made over the last year vs. Apple Maps. The findings: Google is making a lot of improvements, whereas Apple seems to be standing still.
A year of Google Maps & Apple Maps


Andy Rubin unveiled his new Android phone… which honestly seems very similar to other Android phones. Is it a surprise that they guy who invented Android stayed close to his roots?
Andy Rubin’s New Phone Is Essentially An Android Phone


Google Will Release An Ad Blocker For Chrome Next Year
Yep. The idea is that they’ll create a universal set of rules. If you follow them, Google won’t block your ads. Hopefully this will improve ads, but it also seems like a great way to open yourself up to anti-trust lawsuits.


And a quick updated on the Waymo vs Uber case:
Uber Fired Anthony Levandowski
Alphabet’s Waymo Has Started Testing Self Driving Semis