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Yahoo! Sells to Verizon

This week Yahoo! dies, SpaceX fires a used rocket, Facebook makes gobs of money, Apple forgets how to name devices, and Bitcoin is determined to not be currency. We cover it all, plus more. The show notes are below.

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Show Notes That Don’t Sell Ads


SpaceX is preparing to reuse their rockets and this week they did a test to make sure it would actually fire again. The video below shows it going off. Plus, there’s a video of a dude skydiving without a parachute. The world is crazy!
SpaceX Fired Off Their Rocket Again, Before They Fire It For Real
Dude Jumps 25,000 Into A Net


Have you tried to new chip reader yet? It’s horrible, and you’re not alone in thinking it.
Credit card companies are blowing it with chip payments


Well. Yahoo! is done. I guess this is what happens when you can no longer sell ads to fund your company. There’s big downfall: they saw themselves as a media company, not a tech company… Sound familiar Snapchat?
Yahoo! Sold To Verizon
What Yahoo Looked Like When It Was Still The Rising Star Of The Startup World


Facebook has added as many ads to news feed as they can get away with. The only way to increase revenue is to add more users or make sell ads that are much more valuable (ie. expensive).
Facebook Can’t Just Add More Ads
Microsoft launches Researcher and Editor in Word, Zoom in PowerPoint


It’s over for Apple. It was fun while it lasted. Really great time to be an Apple fan over the past couple of years, but it’s all over now. Apple used to be a company that could make last year’s technology sound like a generation ahead. Now it’s making next gen technology sound… boring. Time to sell your mac.
Apple Is Naming This Year’s iPhone “iPhone 6SE”


Who Would Have Predicted That Apple Won’t End Up Making A Car? Matthew. That’s who.
Bob Mansfield Is Back In The Driver’s Seat


Eddy Cue Seems Like A Thoroughly Unlikeable Dude
Also, he’s the reason there’s so little TV on Apple TV.


For once Tim Cook doesn’t give the “no comment” answer and lets us know Apple is working on AR. Yes!
Tim Cook: AR Won’t Be The Next Platform, But It Will Be Huge
AR Will Have A Life On Mobile Before Standalones


And finally, so stories to round out the show.
Next Time You Send In Something For Tech Repair, Include Candy
Should You Charge Your Phone Overnight?
Bitcoin not money, Miami judge rules in dismissing laundering charges
Vizio Bought By LeEco