326: Is Elon Musk the best, or the Greatest?

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SpaceX Double Rocket Landing

Last week SpaceX launched Falcon Heavy into space. It was only a test flight, but it lit the imagine of millions of people and gave a glimpse of where space travel is headed. In this episode, we gush a little about Elon Musk and SpaceX.

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SpaceX Show Notes



What is the Falcon Heavy:

  • Two standard Falcon 9’s
  • One specialized “Core”
  • A second stage
  • Payload to Low Earth Orbit is 140,700 lb
  • 230 ft Tall
  • White and Black
  • 9 Merlin Engines per booster (27 total)
  • 1,700,000 lbf
  • One Tesla Roadster and a spaceman
  • A Saturn 5 Comparison


The Launch:

  • The Simultaneous Landing of Two Falcon 9’s
  • Lost the Core at Sea, only one of the three necessary engines fired
    • The failures are more energizing than the successes
  • Overshot mars with the car, but still, screaming success


Why it’s important:

  • Inspiring kids
  • Testing out the falcon Heavy
  • The largest booster in production (And it’s nutty cheap)


The future: