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Zeitgeist the AppEverybody’s talking about Pokemon Go, so we decided to add to the conversation this week as well. Matthew got a 3D printer (temporarily) and James didn’t get any new smart home accouterment (bummer). James and Matthew developed an app idea to get on Apple’s Planet of the Apps (it’s amazing). Tesla tried to keep their company on the road this week. Hyperloop had a dramatic week. We also talked about Tech Evangelists, Apple’s music royalty gambit and we even quickly covered a weekly VR update.

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Show Notes For Zeitgeist the App


Matthew got to borrow a 3D printer and is in love with it, but it gave him insight on the technologies current limitations. James tried to get more smart home devices, but instead all he got was stymied by Amazon’s insufficient shipping.


Apple is starting a new reality TV show about app developers, and we saw our biggest opportunity yet. We spit balled ideas about the best possible app to get their attention.
Open casting call posted for Apple’s ‘Planet of the Apps’ reality TV show


Pokemon Go is taking over the world, and we decided to give our insight on why it’s such a great game and why the media treats it so poorly.
Pokemon Go Does The Nearly Impossible: Drives Real World Traffic
Pokemon And Good Game Design
What does Pokémon Go mean for the next generation of iPhones?
Pokémon Go isn’t a fad. It’s a beginning.
What It’s Like To Strike Gold


Tesla’s been dealing with their fair share of bad press the last few weeks, has that lessened Matthew’s opinion of Elon? Of course not. 
Musk Wants To Improve Tesla’s Radar To Be More Like Lidar

Tesla Won’t Guarantee Your Car’s Resale
Tesla Unbalanced


This is terrible for the technology, but amazing for the drama.
Hyperloop One Just Hit With Lawsuit By Their Departed CTO


Facebook live is chaing how we post video online. It’s reach is really quite impressive.
The New Tech Evangelists


Facebook doesn’t mess around when it comes to making sure you have no reason to delete their app. You’re battery will be safe in their hands.
Inside the secret lab where Facebook tries to save your battery life


Can Apple beat Spotify in the current market? If Apple has their way, they won’t have to.
Apple’s Music Royalty Gambit


This is a neat little app that’s bring the past and the future together.
Meet The San Francisco Startup Creating A Future For Polaroid


Turns out, Daydream wasn’t Google’s only strategy to bring VR to the world. They had a VR headset and OS in development. Until they killed it, that is. But maybe they didn’t?! Also, someone finally figured out how to make a game for Kiniect. It’s too late for XBOX One, but mabe not too late for VR. Also, Magic Leap is dumb.
Google Was Building A VR Headset And Independent OS
…Or They’re Still Working On One, But It’s Like AR/VR Mixed, I Don’t Know
Someone Finally Built A Good Game For Kinect
Magic Leap Is Building Everything From Scratch


Didn’t get enough during the show? No worries, here’s a little extra content:

Dean Kamen, the inventor who developed the Segway, is about to start selling his amazing bionic arm
Dean Kamen’s Bionic Arm Is Going To Be For Sale

Want to sleep better? Maybe you need a better pillow. An electiric pillow.
I let a connected pillow send radio waves through my brain for five days

Need help around the farm? This awesome robot has got you covered.
SwagBot On A Farm

Time will tell if camera’s on every cop will make us safer, but the guys selling the cameras promise it’s a good idea.
Will a Camera on Every Cop Make Everyone Safer? Taser Thinks So