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198S: Disynergizing CEOs (The Short Show)

mitosis diagram

We’re trying something crazy this week and experimenting with a shorter show format. There are a couple new Easter Eggs of wisdom, but it’s pretty much the same show, but done a whole laster faster. Let us know what you think!

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198: Disynergizing CEOs


Disney is really ramping up the number of Star Wars movies, the Bolt is a cool electric bike, HP is taking a week off and losing Bill Veghte to SurveyMonkey, Apple Watch is doomed, Waze is semi-taking on Uber, Microsoft is making progress with the HoloLens, the BBC is making a micro:bit for kids, Tinder has verified users, Ben Huh is stepping down from I Can Has Cheeseburger?, Reddit has a new CEO that the community likes, Google and Blackberry are suiting up together, and Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata passes away.

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186: Searching For A Focus

google magnifying glass

Who did better: Harrison Ford or Ben Affleck? Needless to say, we’re both pumped about Batman v Superman and Star Wars.

We then talk about Hello Alfred making chores easier, Google’s lack of focus (we spend a lot of time here), 6 disruptive trends including 3D printing, headphone advertising and MOOCs. We then talk about Vizio’s new 4K TVs, DARPA’s new BRASS project, the next generation of Guitar Hero, Apply buying LinX to take better pictures, digital music downloads finally outselling CDs, and the death of Snapchat and Houzz (or not).

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185: Is The Apple Watch Worth It?


Is the Apple Watch going to change the wearables landscape? We don’t know for sure, but that doesn’t stop us from making bold proclamations. We also talk about Star Wars being released on iTunes, Daimler’s incredible results of the SuperTruck Challenge, Twitter’s better handling of the Quote Tweet, Taylor Swift and the impact of exclusives in the music industry, Chinas Great DDOS Cannon, YouTube’s future subscription plan, how to make antennas a lot smaller, BlueTooth LEGOs, all-electric Aston Martins, and Square’s email product to help brick and mortar retailers send better email.

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181: A Little Bit Of Feedback On Touching The New Watch

Apple Watch by Pebble

This show is about Apple. We just cannot help ourselves. Sure, we mention Star Wars, GigaOm, YouTube and a couple other companies. But this show is really all about Apple.

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167: The Escape Velocity of Marketing Campaigns


Matthew starts off by spoiling the Star Wars movie. Then we move on to real news.

Lockheed Martin is developing the N+2 supersonic jet while Aerion develops the AS2 supersonic jet, PSY breaks YouTube, the Internet of Things is real, Nevada tries to solve a taxicab problem that Uber already solved, Google Glass isn’t dead yet, Google sold more Chromebooks to school than Apple sold iPads to school last quarter, Netflix gets accused of creating a personal fast lane, Snapchat continues to innovate, Sony marketed the PlayStation by appealing to older gamers, and Yahoo passes Twitter in ad spend.

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  • 166: Drone War of the Stars

    yoda-drone-wars It was Thanksgiving week and tech news still managed to happen.

    The new Star Wars trailer looks fantastic, SendMyBag will ship your luggage for you, the FCC tells T-Mobile to stop unthrottling speed test sites, the Xbox One is improving but the PS4 is still better, people don’t trust Apple’s iCloud, the European Parliament wants to break up Google, watch makers don’t like that their designs are being copied, Matthew shares an overview of the history of computer graphics, the Doxie scanner improves with WiFi, Sinclair Community College is making a giant indoor stadium to fly drones, iPad sales are falling, NASA is 3D printing in space using the Zero-G, Snapcash is actually useful, Betaworks is analyzing your #homescreen, and Fitbit data can be used in court.

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    144: Warrantless Android Searches


    Google takes the spotlight this week to show off all the cool things they’ve been working on. They shared updates to Android (duh), Wear, TV, Auto, Chrome and Chromecast. Yeah, it was a lot.

    We also talk about Cruise Automation for cars, Woot becoming Meh, Facebook experimenting on our emotions, Aereo dying, and GoPro living.

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    Of Mice and Androids

    Episode 58! Matthew reviews the Kindle Paperwhite, Google announces the Nexus 4 and 10 along with 700,000 apps, Ethiopian kids teach themselves to read, Scott Forstall exists Apple while Johnny Ive takes over, Matthew reviews the iPad Mini, Elon Musk shoots for Mars, and Disney buys Lucasfilm.


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