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223: 79 Amazing Predictions For 2016

223: 79 Amazing Predictions For 2016

2016 Amazing Predictions

It’s season 6! And we’ve got some amazing predictions for you. We start with “Tier 1” companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon & Microsoft. For each we talk about their products and other big tech related activities they’ll make. We think you’ll find it really helpful for thinking about how the year will shape up.

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222: Postdictions of 2015

222: Postdictions of 2015

Space X Rocket Landing

It’s time for our annual postdictions of 2015. James nails is and Matthew… We’ll… Let’s just say there’s room for improvement. We start off recapping the big stories of the year and then dive into how well we called things. Enjoy the show!

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218: Watching Football And Eating Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi

This week we talk about the news that happened during Thanksgiving. Perhaps the best part is Matthew’s explanation of the difference between Raspberry Pi and Arduino. We also talk about drones, ESPN, surveillance, and a few really good stories. Check out the show notes below of the details.

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211: It’s Like Deja Vu All Over Again

Mircosoft Surface

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Great artists steal. It’s like deja vu all over again. That seems to be the same after a 3rd set of hardware announcements that basically seems to only change the company name. Don’t get us wrong. Microsoft’s interpretation is very compelling, but it all seems too familiar. See below for all the links to each article.

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208: Turning Your Attention To The Sharing Economy

Sharing Economy

The sharing economy is dead. The biggest reason has to do with trust. With the potential for fake reviews and broken products/services, it’s easier to simply rent/subscribe to a bigger company.

See below for all the notes and links on the topics we covered.

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206: The 4k Google Logo On Your Wrist


This week we talk a lot about Google. Make sure you check below for the link to their new logo (hint: it’s not this logo).

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195: Do You Think This Is A Game?

A Knight with animal detection

This week we talk about…

Google playing with photos (see image above), E3 where Microsoft and Sony show off all sorts of cool goodies, the future of virtual reality from Oculus, Valve & Starbreeze, Nintendo level maker and MarI/O, the death of the Mac, the possibilities of WebAssembly, Apple Music and TSwift, and finally Uber’s employees of the California Labor Commission.

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182: Building A Platform With Buzzfeed

Super Mario Platforms

Matthew is in shock that Buzzfeed broke an tech news story. He’s in even more shock with the amount of views they get. We then move on to talk about the Philips Hue Camera, TAG Heur’s partnership with Android and Intel, Facebook’s next move with Messenger, Alibaba’s selfie payment system, Nintendo’s partnership with DeNA, Sony’s potential PS4 streaming issues, Telsa’s self driving car, and Youtube’s cards.

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180: How to Pronounce Huawei And Other Challenging Words


Matthew is PUMPED for the Apple Watch. He’s REALLY PUMPED! Though we did manage to talk about some other tech:

SimCity creators Maxis is no more, Stratos wants to be your all-in-one card in your wallet, content discovery is once again becoming and problem and Google, Facebook, and Pinterest want to solve it, Pebble and Huawei announced new watches, Scott Galloway gives a breakdown the the 4 horsemen, Sony and HTC are making virtual strides with their VR headsets, and graphic engine creators Unity, Unreal 4 and Source 2 are all going to be free.

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172: Everything is Getting Smarter And I’m Not Getting Any Richer

Digital Life

This is the week of CES! We talk about tons of different products. Check out the list and links below to see all the different ones that we covered.

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