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CEO’s Crash Course In Education

This week we dive into Apple + iBooks, Samsung copies Apple… again, RIM CEOs step down-ish, Payal’s loss = Yahoo’s CEO gain, Roku gets smaller, Google’s Nexus aimed for Kindle, Windows 8 baggage, Piazza’s homework, Siri’s mega data usage, and Apple’s Ionic wind pump cooling system.


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‘Twas The Night Before Christmas

Merry Christmas! We talk about Wahooly and the traction their gaining, AT&T ending T-Mobile merger bid, Dell dropping netbooks, Siri playing piano, the Microsoft store, the Super Bowl, Nexus team taking on tablets, smart phones killing mobile carriers, Open Home Pro, Mission Impossible 4, iPhone Fuel Cells, Blackberry’s OS failure, and HP’s laserjet security fix.

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Spoiler Alert: You’re Wrong!

Spoiler Alert! This week we trash the news: HP/webOS = Google’s Worst Nightmare?, Facebook dies?, Majel to say “Hello World”?, Nokia dislikes iPhone/Android, Getaround goes to Portland, the iPad takes off with American Airlines, NTSB stops talking in the car, Apple buys a flash memory company, Best Buy + Wolfram = Siri results, SiriTV, the missing Kindle Fire Manual, and Dilbert’s boss gets Siri.


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Learn about the Kinect SDK, the Kindle’s future, Voice/Text/Data => Data Dumb Pipes, Gmail != iPhone, Twitter’s online ID, a quick Nest Thermostat update, no real news for HP, and more talk about Siri.

Recorded on Nov. 6, 2011


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NFC (Near Future Communication)

This week we dive into company networks, Apple and social music, a pretty thermostat, bendy circuits, RIM lawsuits, Siri+Apple+TV, the future of communication, bluetooth 4.0, Pixelmator good-ness, Nintendo’s losing battle and Microsft’s/Bill’s vision.

Recorded Oct. 30, 2011


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Data Mind Your Own Business

What you’ll find: Kodak inside, Siri is actually amazing, Facebook ID cards and data, HP and data, Oracle and data, get Dropbox, Motorola’s joke, and Microsoft’s future.

Umm… for those of you keeping score, we experienced a technical issue from week 3. It’s gone, but it was amazing. Trust me.

Recorded Oct. 23, 2011


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