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217: 📱👍😂🚖💾

Tears of Joy Emoji from Episode 203

So it turns out that we were already on the edge of pop culture. I went looking for the tears of joy emoji to use as your picture, when I remembered it look very familiar… and it was! We used it back for episode 203 and talking about LOLs. See below for all the links and details of what we talked about.

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113: Let Me Pinstagram My 3D Dinosaur

Pinstagram Dino

Instagram and Pinterest are looking for new ways to grow to help justify their huge valuations. One area they should look into are 3D dinosaur bones.

We also talk about 53’s new pencil, the Museum fur Naturkunde’s 3D bones, Qualcomm’s smart-things chip, Snapchat and Vine competing with Instagram, Valve’s Oculus Rift competiting product, Terrafugia’s new TF-X carplane, Philips smart bulbs, and the Xbox One.

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