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209: Oculawesome


What an action packed week for tech! Matthew gets his new iPhone, VW gets in trouble with the EPA, Smule sues some former employees, Oculus held their developer conference, Pebble came out with a new watch, Microsoft released Office 2016, and Apple’s App store got hacked. Check below for all the details and links.

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195: Do You Think This Is A Game?

A Knight with animal detection

This week we talk about…

Google playing with photos (see image above), E3 where Microsoft and Sony show off all sorts of cool goodies, the future of virtual reality from Oculus, Valve & Starbreeze, Nintendo level maker and MarI/O, the death of the Mac, the possibilities of WebAssembly, Apple Music and TSwift, and finally Uber’s employees of the California Labor Commission.

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194: Watching The WWCD Keynote Next to Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt Retweet

It sounds like Jurassic World is pretty good and will hold the open weekend box office record until December. We also talked about the the impact of the World’s Fair on your life, Apple’s numerous announcements: El Capitan, Siri, Swift 2, watchOS 2, Music, News, and more. Oculus announced their consumer hardware which will work with Windows 10 and Xbox One. Finally Dick Costolo is out of Twitter and Jack Dorsey will be taking over.

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191: Confessions And Other Topics We’re Not Here To Talk About


James makes all sorts of confessions this episode, but we’re not here to talk about that. Instead, we talk about Tomorrowland, the Apple TV, Automatic, Pebble, Ossur’s IMES, Caltech’s bionic arms, the Lime Equation, crowd sources timelapse videos, Apple Maps, Oculus, Google+ Photos, Medium eBooks, Hycopter and Aria.

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183: Facebook Has a New Message About Video


Matthew joins us after running a Tough Mudder and getting virtually zero sleep the day/night before. Still, we soldier on and cover all of Facebook’s latest plans to take over the Internet. The crazy part: we think it just might work.

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170: The Furlo Bros 2014 Postdictions

Furlo Bros Tech Podcast 2014 Postdictions

This week represents week 1 of a 2 week series. In this part, we take a look back at 2014. What was the big news? How did we do on our predictions? Predictably, we did pretty well with Apple, Facebook and Samsung. Surprisingly, Google through us some curveballs. It’s a good show to listen to, and don’t forget to catch our predictions next week.

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168: A Stocking Stuffed With Articles

Christmas Stockings

This week is a crazy week for stories. We just couldn’t decide what to talk about, so we talk about everything. Below is the list of all the articles. Yep, there’s a lot of them. Enjoy!

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160: A Nexus of New Apple Products


Oculus looks to Cinema for their killer app, HP kills WebOS, Swipe probably won’t change the world, Apple announces Apple Pay, new iPads, Yosemite, and a retina iMac, Matthew reviews Androids LG G and Moto 360, Google finds that kids use Voice commands, Apple kicks out Bose and Fitbit from the Apple Store, Tesla is bring the batter swap stations in December and shortly batteries will charge really fast.

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Image: en.memory-alpha.org

131: Accusations of Acquisitions


One clear path to growth is to buy another company and integrate them into what you’re already doing. This week included many interesting acquisitions: Disney bought Maker, Intel bought Basis Band, and Facebook bought Oculus.

In other news, Microsoft brought Office to the iPad, Apple wants to bring cable TV to Apple TV, Google might let Oakley and Ray-Band design their glasses, and Tesla continues to fight the state-by-state car selling fight.

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Image: techcrunch.com

124a: Go see the LEGO movie now!

If there’s anything you get from this show, that should be it.

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