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138: Moon Shots


Sometimes you need to take crazy bets. Sometimes those bets work. Sometimes they don’t.

Matthew shares his trip to the Maker Faire and talks about the products they’re developing, Twitter lets you mute people, cheap smart phones are going to take over the world, Monster’s CEO isn’t happy about Beat’s payday, Wearhaus will make silent discos more awesome, Jawbone gets bluetooth connectivity right, Microsoft unbundles the Kinect, Google Glass suffers a loss and the head EE head’s over to Oculus Rift, Uber puts the breaks on Breeze, and Formula E charges ahead with electric race cars.

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The Best CES Coverage. Period.

It’s CES week! We talk about Ultrabooks, Search + Your World, Why MG Hates Android, TVs, HUDs, tablets, phones, Comcast disrupting SOPA, PCs vs Tablets and MUCH more! Check out all the links for videos, summaries and more.


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