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More News Than You Can Eat

Episode 60! It’s almost as if everyone tried to squeeze all of their news in between the elections and Thanksgiving week. All this results in more news than you can eat.

Search Gmail for large attachments, download MacX DVD Ripper Pro for free, AT&T CEO doesn’t like iMessage, HTC to pay Apple $8/phone, RIM’s CEO expresses confidence in BlackBerry 10, Steve Sinofsky leaves Microsoft amid tepid Windows 8 sales, Google Fiber goes live, Nexus 4 sells out, Google TV improves, Google starts talks with Dish Network to launch a competitive cell network, soccer refs try using a smart phones to better communicate fouls, NASA prints in 3D with metal, teleportation works!, AC electric motors work better, Facebook shares a little bit behind their newsfeed organization, and Nintendo releases with Wii U.


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