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224: We Didn’t Go To CES, And You Won’t Believe What Happened Next!

224: We Didn’t Go To CES, And You Won’t Believe What Happened Next!

CES 2016

We round up all the coolest CES news in this episode. Despite James’ downer attitude last week, CES proves that the future is bright, smart, and automated. The show notes below contain a huge laundry list of all the different products Matthew looked into. And yes, we talk about every single one. Think of this show like CES: a whirlwind of stories that’ll be mostly forgotten in a month.

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212: Going Public as a Super Villain

Evil Musk

We come to an inescapable conclusion in this episode: Elon Musk is a Super Villain. Think about it. He’s publicly stated that humanity will die in 20 years. He’s working on his own escape to another planet. And he’s creating autonomous robots (cars) that look sleek and people inherently trust. This is how it happens people!

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201: Operating An Android From Memory

Android Mission Impossible

Mission Impossible came out this week. Go watch Tom Cruz do his own stunts.

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In the meantime, is iTunes poorly designed (we’re still not sure)?, Zazzle is slowly growing and turning into a huge company, Intel & Micron invent a new memory called 3D Xpoint, OnePlus unveils the OnePlus 2, Motorola unveils the Moto X and Moto G, Microsoft releases Windows 10, Google starts killing Google+ but will revive Glass, Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk think militarized AI is a bad idea, Facebook plans to do the same bait and switch with Messenger/WhatsApp that they did with Pages, and Snapchat is selling a beach towel just because.

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193: We Read Your Tweets.


Jurassic World is upon us! But first, let’s tweet about it.

Google Photos puts together some strange albums, The World Video Game Hall of Fame includes some great titles, Swift is a year old, Chris Sacca believes in Twitter, The Button is done, Google will start reprint accidents, Windows is coming next month, LEGO is going to take on Minecraft, Netflix will start showing ads, Apple Watch has a heart rate problem, ThunderBolt gets a USB-C plug, TechCrunch is changing hands again, and Yahoo is killing off properties nobody cares about.

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182: Building A Platform With Buzzfeed

Super Mario Platforms

Matthew is in shock that Buzzfeed broke an tech news story. He’s in even more shock with the amount of views they get. We then move on to talk about the Philips Hue Camera, TAG Heur’s partnership with Android and Intel, Facebook’s next move with Messenger, Alibaba’s selfie payment system, Nintendo’s partnership with DeNA, Sony’s potential PS4 streaming issues, Telsa’s self driving car, and Youtube’s cards.

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171: Predicting 2015 With Astounding Accuracy

2015 Predictions

This week we predict what we expect to happen in 2015. It’s all going to be 100% accurate.

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153: The Portal to Posting


This week we come up with 3 amazing ideas. You’ll have to listen to the podcast hear them One comes at the very end.

We talk about the Emmy’s, using Yo, Amazon by Twitch, Google’s new Wing program, battery less iBeacons by Ifinity, Google’s purchase of ZYNC to render video, Instagrams Hyperlapse app, Square Cash 2.0, Intel’s penny sized 3G modem, Nintendo’s “new” 3DS, and using the Oculus rift with roller coasters.

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131: Accusations of Acquisitions


One clear path to growth is to buy another company and integrate them into what you’re already doing. This week included many interesting acquisitions: Disney bought Maker, Intel bought Basis Band, and Facebook bought Oculus.

In other news, Microsoft brought Office to the iPad, Apple wants to bring cable TV to Apple TV, Google might let Oakley and Ray-Band design their glasses, and Tesla continues to fight the state-by-state car selling fight.

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120b: CES Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

The big trends this year seem to be 4K TV, self-tracking and 3D printers.

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120: The Consumed Electronics Show


CES is typically full of technology that will never see the light of day, but that doesn’t stop us from getting excited about what was shared.

Below is the bullet list of everything we talked about along with a direct link to each so you can learn more.

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