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206: The 4k Google Logo On Your Wrist


This week we talk a lot about Google. Make sure you check below for the link to their new logo (hint: it’s not this logo).

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108: The Billionaire’s Kid

Child With Money

The Book, The Millionaire Next Door, shares stories of successful parents who attained their level of success DESPITE hardship. They don’t want their kids to experience hardship like they did, and so parents help their kids out to fulfill their dream via money/housing/affirmations. Unfortunately, those kids never experience success because of the crazy plot twist: their parents attained success BECAUSE of hardship, not DESPITE hardship. We see this same effect in tech companies today: Google is “helping” Motorola to create a solid business by providing money/affirmations. Unfortunately, just like Microsoft’s online division, the opposite appears to be happening.

Here’s what else we talked about:

Apple will be covering some new iPads on Tuesday, Sono invents noise canceling windows, Premise Data Corp improves government data, Moore’s Law was broken, Apple hires Angela Ahrendts to lead their retails stores, Motorola continues to cost Google Billions, Greenbox is the Nest of gardens, Alion Energy uses robotics to clean solar panels, Microsoft releases Windows 8.1, and Mike Hopkins of Fox is the new CEO of Hulu.

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No One Will Survive 10 Years

Episode 32 and there’s lots of news to cover this week. We talk about why Google & Facebook might be gone in 5-8 years. Why Moore’s law will be done in 10 years. The amazing Samsung Galaxy S III, Yahoo’s Disgrace, and AT&T’s biggest regret.


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This Week In The 1950’s: Censorship and Textbooks

This week’s episode is a little dark. We talk about Hulu expanding into original shows, kites that harness wind power, computer worms, SOPA protests, disrupting politics and Hollywood, Apple’s iBooks, and Lego’s new social network ReBrick.


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