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267: An Open Letter To This Week In Tech

267: An Open Letter To This Week In Tech

an open letter

It started out as a normal tech week… and then Slack wrote an open letter to Microsoft – an unforced error. We dive deep into why it’s a mistake. Plus, we talk about a new vigilante app, Deepmind playing Starcraft, Apple’s lack of a vision, Toyota’s cool toy to turn on your car, Xiamoi’s goal of selling phones in the US, the future of voice activated devices, and VR. See below for all the show notes.

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Spoiler Alert: You’re Wrong!

Spoiler Alert! This week we trash the news: HP/webOS = Google’s Worst Nightmare?, Facebook dies?, Majel to say “Hello World”?, Nokia dislikes iPhone/Android, Getaround goes to Portland, the iPad takes off with American Airlines, NTSB stops talking in the car, Apple buys a flash memory company, Best Buy + Wolfram = Siri results, SiriTV, the missing Kindle Fire Manual, and Dilbert’s boss gets Siri.


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