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115: No Puns Intended

 Furlo Snowed In

Here’s the trick: when you make a pun on purpose, say “no pun intended” anyways to point out to people that made the pun without directly telling them they should notice you made one. Works every time.

Amazon uses drones for PR only, Yahoo shares their top search results, Apply buys Topsy, LG shows off the G Flex, Apple inks a deal to sell subsidized iPhones with China Mobile, Apple also reveals that iBeacons is already in every phone, SmartCharge is a light with a battery, VASIMR makes plasma rockets cheaper to run, Homejoy gets $34 million to clean your home, Offline tries another iPad magazine business model, Medium updates to also become more magazine like, and the PS4 outsells both the Xbox and Wii U.

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105: Steam Cleaning Black Berry Stains


Blackberry isn’t dead quiet yet, but they’re definitely on life support. That means it’s time to turn our attention on the next space to be disrupted: your living room, compliments of Valve’s Steam Machine.

Yep, Blackberry might go private with the help of FairFax Financial, Valve makes its own OS and hardware, China Mobile is probably getting the iPhone, Microsoft’s Surface 2 doesn’t exactly wow people, Nokia thinks Elop did his job too well, Samsung obviously announces a gold Galaxy S4, Nest might be making a smoke Detector, Boeing is making drones that fly better than humans, Mint shares modern tech we can’t live without, and Google Glass actually has competition.

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