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There Is No Time For E3

It’s E3! In honor of E3 we have a very special episode for you. We invited two industry experts to give us their thoughts and opinions on the five presentations. We covered Microsoft and Halo 4, EA being better with connect, Nike+, Univision, SmartGlass, Internet Explorer, and Black Ops 2. We talk about EA, the UFC, and Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. We briefly touch on Ubisoft. A gush about Sony and Beyond, AllStars, Assassin’s Creed, their new Wonderbook: Book of Spells, and The Last of Us. We finish up with Nintendo, who didn’t have enough time to tell us about the new Wii U, or Mario, or Pikmin, or the 3DS, or Lego City.

Thanks to Rog and Dave for joining our show. You can find them online at:

Dave: @dutch726 on Twitter, and dutch726 Xbox Live

Roger: @robofong on Twitter, and ltfong on Xbox Live


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