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187: Nudging You To Buy a Delightful Watch

Matthews Apple Watch

The Spanish city of Jun using Twitter to run its government, Matthew got an Apple Watch, Google experiments with cell networks with Project Fi, BWM is selling a car that parks itself, Elon Must almost sold Tesla to Google, Central Japan Railway breaks a speed record at 603km/h, Cedar Fair’s new roller coaster Fury is decided to scare us, Apple haptic are going to become more life like, the Chevrolet-FNR looks cool but isn’t real, and Twitter is getting more into the messaging space.

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185: Is The Apple Watch Worth It?


Is the Apple Watch going to change the wearables landscape? We don’t know for sure, but that doesn’t stop us from making bold proclamations. We also talk about Star Wars being released on iTunes, Daimler’s incredible results of the SuperTruck Challenge, Twitter’s better handling of the Quote Tweet, Taylor Swift and the impact of exclusives in the music industry, Chinas Great DDOS Cannon, YouTube’s future subscription plan, how to make antennas a lot smaller, BlueTooth LEGOs, all-electric Aston Martins, and Square’s email product to help brick and mortar retailers send better email.

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181: A Little Bit Of Feedback On Touching The New Watch

Apple Watch by Pebble

This show is about Apple. We just cannot help ourselves. Sure, we mention Star Wars, GigaOm, YouTube and a couple other companies. But this show is really all about Apple.

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180: How to Pronounce Huawei And Other Challenging Words


Matthew is PUMPED for the Apple Watch. He’s REALLY PUMPED! Though we did manage to talk about some other tech:

SimCity creators Maxis is no more, Stratos wants to be your all-in-one card in your wallet, content discovery is once again becoming and problem and Google, Facebook, and Pinterest want to solve it, Pebble and Huawei announced new watches, Scott Galloway gives a breakdown the the 4 horsemen, Sony and HTC are making virtual strides with their VR headsets, and graphic engine creators Unity, Unreal 4 and Source 2 are all going to be free.

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178: Apple’s Frustration with Electric Cars

Furlo Bros Podcast

This week Matthew is off on a business trip, and so I decided to do an experimental format. The show is only 30 minutes as a consequence, but it’s a completely different style than we’ve ever done before. I’d love to get your feedback which you can leave in the comments below. Thanks for listening!

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171: Predicting 2015 With Astounding Accuracy

2015 Predictions

This week we predict what we expect to happen in 2015. It’s all going to be 100% accurate.

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170: The Furlo Bros 2014 Postdictions

Furlo Bros Tech Podcast 2014 Postdictions

This week represents week 1 of a 2 week series. In this part, we take a look back at 2014. What was the big news? How did we do on our predictions? Predictably, we did pretty well with Apple, Facebook and Samsung. Surprisingly, Google through us some curveballs. It’s a good show to listen to, and don’t forget to catch our predictions next week.

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159: Watching Crystals Grow


James gets a Nest Thermostat and Protect, Matthew gets an LG G3 and Moto 360, Mr. Rogers is the man, HP is officially not better together, GT Advanced files for bankruptcy, the NFL bans Beats from the cameras, Microsoft’s Satya Nadella doesn’t think women need a raise, Samsung is declining in revenue, Squarespace makes a pretty cool update, Airbnb is now legal in San Francisco, Lego gets called out by Greenpeace for their partnership of Shell, Jonny Ives talks about the Apple Watch, and Tesla releases a new car.

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156: The Good, The Bad and The Incredibly Expensive

expensive watchesMatthew gives his review of the Nokia Lumia: spoiler: he hates it. Then we talk about Microsoft buying Minecraft, DipJars goal of fixing tipping, Apple Watch’s pricing, Google’s Android One, FiftyThree’s new Mix on sharing, Facebook’s attempt at sharing Moments, Healthkit being broken, Space X and Boeing getting ready to send people into space, and selling music.

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155: Adventures in Retail


The TI-84 Plus is the best selling calculator of all time, Matthew loves Destiny of the PS4, Apple announced two new iPhones, Apple Pay and Apple Watch, Matthew shares his story of buying Nokia’s Lumia 1020, and Deadmau5 drives for Uber in his McLaren for an evening.

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