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206: The 4k Google Logo On Your Wrist


This week we talk a lot about Google. Make sure you check below for the link to their new logo (hint: it’s not this logo).

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204: The Amazon of Tech Podcast Episodes


In the book Made To Stick, it talks about to get people to quickly understand and idea. One really easy way is to take something they already know and then tell them how it’s different. Thus the formula “It’s the [existing company] of [new market]” was born.

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199: Buying Radios On Amazon


(Image: Copyright 2015 – Daniel Livingston –

Matthew watches Back to the Future with a live orchestra. How cool is that?!

We then talk about Flipagram’s huge growth, Google Photo’s back-up problem on Android, Amazon Prime and Walmart’s cheap competition, New Horizon’s visit to Pluto, Colin Cowherd’s comment about radio going away, Adobe’s death march, Fitbit vs the GoPro, Kevin Rose’s opinion on Reddit, firing from drones, Tesla future Roadster, eSport athletes doping up, and the Lumos bike helmet that lights up.

Also, we’re still experimenting with a short show. See if you can find it. :-)

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182: Building A Platform With Buzzfeed

Super Mario Platforms

Matthew is in shock that Buzzfeed broke an tech news story. He’s in even more shock with the amount of views they get. We then move on to talk about the Philips Hue Camera, TAG Heur’s partnership with Android and Intel, Facebook’s next move with Messenger, Alibaba’s selfie payment system, Nintendo’s partnership with DeNA, Sony’s potential PS4 streaming issues, Telsa’s self driving car, and Youtube’s cards.

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173: Googling Facebook For Work

Facebook for Work

This week Dillion Markey shares how he uses Nintendo’s Power Glove, Elon Musk is afraid of the future and invests $10M with the Future of Life Institute to stop AI, Facebook goes to Work, Google helps launch Project Ara, kills Google Glass, let’s Android have security flaw from WebView, and learns how to translate languages on the fly. Apple’s Swift is super popular, Capital One buys Level Money, Tidder buys Tappy and Burstio lets you turn a burst of photos into a movie on iOS.

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171: Predicting 2015 With Astounding Accuracy

2015 Predictions

This week we predict what we expect to happen in 2015. It’s all going to be 100% accurate.

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161: The Oligarchy Of The Internet

“We’re the middle children of history, man. No purpose or place. We have no Great War. No Great Depression. Our great war is a spiritual war. Our great depression is our lives. We’ve all been raised on television to believe that one day we’d all be millionaires, and movie gods, and rock stars, but we won’t.” – Tyler Durden

On that happy note, we talked about everything this week. The Giants are playing well, Matthew completed another Tough Mudder, IO is an app for finding good restaurants, Samsung got on the CSFC list for a little while, Apple Pay is causing problems for CurrentC, the Internet is ruled by an Oligarchy, the Avi-on Switch makes turning on lights easy, iPad sales are just fine, Google decides to remake emails Inbox again, Facebook clones Room Inc, Air New Zealand makes an epic flight safety video, Microsoft ditches the Nokia name, Procter & Gamble don’t see much growth from Duracell, AT&T remans predictably mean, Amazon sneaks in the Android app store on their their Fire devices, and the Hoverboard is real.

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160: A Nexus of New Apple Products


Oculus looks to Cinema for their killer app, HP kills WebOS, Swipe probably won’t change the world, Apple announces Apple Pay, new iPads, Yosemite, and a retina iMac, Matthew reviews Androids LG G and Moto 360, Google finds that kids use Voice commands, Apple kicks out Bose and Fitbit from the Apple Store, Tesla is bring the batter swap stations in December and shortly batteries will charge really fast.

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159: Watching Crystals Grow


James gets a Nest Thermostat and Protect, Matthew gets an LG G3 and Moto 360, Mr. Rogers is the man, HP is officially not better together, GT Advanced files for bankruptcy, the NFL bans Beats from the cameras, Microsoft’s Satya Nadella doesn’t think women need a raise, Samsung is declining in revenue, Squarespace makes a pretty cool update, Airbnb is now legal in San Francisco, Lego gets called out by Greenpeace for their partnership of Shell, Jonny Ives talks about the Apple Watch, and Tesla releases a new car.

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150: Watching Rumored Conspiracy Theories On Youtube


Rumors are that there is a secret space program that is at least 50 years ahead of NASA. Totally true.

Matthew shows off his new Philips Hue light, Apple sets the date to announce the iPhone 6, AOL sues an employee of selling them services they didn’t need for want, NASA is going to Mars using the EmDrive or Cannae Drive, Xiaomi is outselling Samsung in China, Samsung doesn’t want to pay Microsoft anymore for Android, Variety discovers that Youtube stars have more influence than Hollywood stars, Windows 8 is selling slower than Vista, BlackBerry is no longer cratering, and Foursquare is the new personalized Yelp.

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