234: The Movie Industry Is Changing, The New Direction Will Blow Your Mind

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IMG_0496This is the first week that James is gone, but never fear! We have on two guest hosts: Tim Madden and Kyle Clark (@kylemartinclark). We discuss the future of sports competitions with the Drone Grand Prix We take a look at the evolving movie industry and how we’ll soon be watching block busters. We even wonder about Tidal and the future of Jay Z’s platform.

We also talked about video games. Sony’s Play Station VR announcement in depth and Microsofts new policy on cross platform play. We also talk about giant time-sucking games and how they could be bad for the industry.

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Show Notes of The Movie Industry Is Changing

A teenager wins 250 thousand dollars at the first Drone Prix in Dubi.
Teenager Wins 250 Grand At Drone Prix


The movie industry knows that the way we watch movies is changing. They’re trying to prepare for the inevitable move away from theaters.
Movie Studios Might Let People Rent Movies For $50
Amazon Developing A VR Platform


Timmy and I try to defend waisting way too much time on video games, while the industry tries to suck ever hour we have
Giant Time-Sucking Games Aren’t A Good Idea


There used to have to chose your video game tribe. Where you a xbox live kid or a PS network player. But the old devisions and eroding and new alliances are forming
Microsoft Will Let You Play Cross Platform With XBOX One

Sony’s Response


I’ve been waiting for some new details to emerge and it finally happened. Here’s everything you gotta know about the PS VR
Sony’s PS VR is coming in October For A Mere $399

A Handful Of Launch Titles
A Closer Look At The Hardware
Star Wars Battlefront VR Comes Exclusively To PS VR
What Does The Processing Unit Do?
The PSVR Bundle Pre-order


The future is going to be weird, but really, is the present in more normal?
The Body Hacking Movement


Nice try Jay Z, no one is paying for your service anyway
Jay Z Moves More Of His Discography To Tidal Exclusives