291: Facebook Builds A New Platform, But Will It Become A New Community?

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Facebook VR Spaces Platform

Facebook held their F8 developers conference last week and they continued to build out their platform. The big focus was creating a camera effects platform where developers can create their own filters for people. They also created more bots for Messenger and showed of some new VR spaces. Facebook continues to demonstrate that they’re a technology company and not just a social media website. The rest of the stories are below.

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Platform Show Notes

The Waymo vs Uber saga continues. It turns out that Waymo is able to say that Uber is covering up their newest Lidar design which is copying Waymo.
Waymo Says Uber Concealed A Secret Technology It Copied From Waymo From The Court
New York Times Report On Uber’s CEO
Flying cars are going to be a thing. Technology is enabling multiple companies to make true progress and actually bring a product to market. I’m so excited about this.
Lilium’s Funky ‘Jet’ Could Make Our Dreams of Flying Cars Come True
Flying cars have arrived. Here’s how people feel about them.


Snapchat came out with new AR lenses…. on the first day of F8… The idea is that you can now add objects to the back facing camera on everyday objects, not just your face.
Snapchat’s New World Lens


Facebook held their F8 developers conference last week. The big news is that they’re moving beyond copying Snapchat and turning their camera filters into a full blown platform. They also shared more about their social VR experience called Spaces. Lots of links below to check out each specific announcement.
Facebook announces Camera Effects developer platform Uh oh, Snapchat. Uh oh.
Sure, We Ripped Of Snapchat, But That’s Just Part Of The AR Strategy
Mark explained that the reason the created filters is because it gives familiar context for the future of AR and works as a launching point. Also it hurts Snapchat.
Snap’s Developerless Platform Might Become A Liability
Facebook Messenger Is Partnering With Apple Music
Facebook Messenger Adds App Extensions And Bot Store
Facebook Launches Spaces Beta For VR
John Gruber Thinks It’s Dumb
Facebook Launches React VR
Facebook Launches New 6 DOF 360 Camera
Facebook Shows Off Their Emergency Internet Helicopters
Facebook’s mm Wave Radio Hit 80 gbs
Facebook Is Working On Hearing With Your Skin And Typing With Your Mind
They Are Forming An Ethics Board To Oversee Their Mind Reading Tech
Facebook Creates The Bokeh Effect In Real Time With One Camera
Instant Recall
It turns out that Juicero made a $400 machine that does the same thing as your own 2 hands. At first they said there were additional benefits, but now they’re offering a full refund to anyone who bought one.
Juicero Offers Full Refunds On $400 Juicers
Apple recorded some environmental engineers talking about their job, and then add cute sketches… And it’ actually works. Here are 4 commercials they made using that style.
Apple’s new Earth Day videos are the least Apple thing ever