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It’s that time of year again, where the internet loses it’s mind and get’s all weird. That’s right, it’s April Fools. SpaceX launched and landed a rocket that they had already launched and landed. Twitter made some changes that got everybody in tweeting fervor. Samsung announced the explosive sequel to their exploding phones. Congress sold our privacy to the highest bidder (kinda, but not really) and Apple rearranged all your files while you slept (don’t worry, they’re right where you left them)

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Samsung Isn’t Fooling Around With Their New Phone Show Notes

It doesn’t feel inappropriate to say this might be the biggest news of the last week. This is HUGE. It could fundamentally change humanities relationship to space. It just got a whole lot cheaper.
SpaceX’s Screaming Success
Elon Musk Started Another Company


Who should Twitter be focusing on to please? Their power users or their regular users? Twitter is nothing with out it’s giant network of regular users who check in regularly. But the power users generate most of the content. They chose the regular users this time, let’s see how it works for them.
Why Twitter is in an uproar about the latest change to Twitter

The New Twitter @-Replies Are Giving Me an Ulcer 


Samsung is flexing it’s design muscles after the battery disaster that was the Note 7. The Galaxy S8 brings a whole lot to the table in the way of cutting edge technology. But is it enough to compete with Apple? Is it even enough to compete with Google?
6 Biggest Samsung Announcements

Galaxy S8 Makes A Decent Pretend Desktop
Samsung’s Biggest Competition Is Google, Not Apple
Galaxy S8 Didn’t Get A New Camera
The Verge Hands On Review
Samsung updates Gear 360 camera with slimmer design, 4K and live video support
Samsung Connect Home: A Google Wifi clone with a SmartThings twist 


ISP’s have never not been allowed to sell your data to advertisers. Congress voted to continue to let them. Seems most everyone is upset by this.
Congressional Republicans just voted to let ISPs sell your browsing history to advertisers

Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon say you shouldn’t worry about gutting of internet privacy rules


Who really get’s excited over a new file management system? We do. Apple debuted a new one Tuesday night to millions of phones around the world without it destroying everyones computers. This is a true technologic feat, largely because no one noticed.
A Modern Marvel Of Engineering Was Deployed While Everyone Slept
10 Things To Know About APFS


The face of Virtual Reality is out of Facebook. This is why you don’t talk politics on line. There’s no way it can end well.
Palmer Luckey, Creator Of Oculus, Leaves Facebook

Facebook Hires Apple Veteran to Run Oculus VR Hardware