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The new Zelda game is a great example of parallel learning that let’s you learn at your own pace, and on the things you want to learn. This is in contrast to serial learning which requires you to follow a pre-defined path. This, is mostly likely the future of adult and college education because maximizes how much you learn.

Oh yeah! Good news: you don’t need antivirus software anymore if you promise not to visit bad sites (though, Chrome won’t let you even if you wanted to), you don’t download software from CNET, and you don’t let your kids use your computer.

The rest of this week’s stories are below.

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Parallel Learning Show Notes

We talked about Beauty and the Beast in the show intro and I mentioned these two video clips. Definitely worth checking both of them out.
How Beauty and the Beast Should Have Ended (1991)
Crosswalk the Musical: Beauty and the Beast


Matthew is happy to know that Snap’s stock is falling back down to earth. It’s still early to tell how they’ll do long-term, but it’s not a fantastic start. In other news, Snapchat has also created a way for you to add widgets of bitmoji’s of your friends on your home screen.
Snap offered shareholders a terrible deal. Lots of people signed up anyway.
Snapchat continues to dive
Snapchat launches Bitmoji widget chat shortcuts for your home screen


The problem of artificial intelligence is that it’ll start creating logic that people won’t totally understand. Or worse, that people will be able to take advantage of and make do “weird” logical things. The article shows an example of a person “trapping” a car in a circle.
Laying A Trap For Self-Driving Cars


There’s something here about education, entertainment, video games and how it’ll shape the future of adult education.
Italian, Horizon Zero Dawn, And Breath Of The Wild


Computers and culture have reached a point that you really don’t need antivirus software anymore, which a few caveats. The caveats being: if you have other people using your computer (especially kids), then you should have an extra layer of security.
You Don’t Really Need an Antivirus App Anymore


The smartwatch is an exercise in compromise. Apple made some great compromises that make the Apple watch a truly great design. And it’s all the more impressive now that we’ve seen competing, inferior designs.
Tag Heuer And Intel Try Again With A $1,600 Android Wear Watch
The Apple Watch Is Still The Best Smartwatch


Microsoft bought LinkedIn for their network, but that’s not the only reason. It turns out that one of the founders of LinkedIn is a connector who will help Microsoft make friends with other companies in Silicon Valley.
Now We Know Why Microsoft Bought LinkedIn


The Air Force is quickly transition from human controlled planes to drone planes. It makes sense because it’s cheaper and safer.
Drone Pilots Outnumber Traditional Pilots In The Air Force


PS4 Games come to PlayStation Now.
Your Next Playstation Will Be A Virtual PlayStation