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Mobile 2.0 is underway. The fundamental assumption is that everyone has access to high-speed mobile internet, and a computer in their pocket. If that’s the case, what kinds of services and devices would you make? For one, you get Snap’s Spectacles. You get Android Wear 2.0. You also get things like Amazon’s Echo and DJI Drones. We should continue to see further unbundling of services and hardware in the coming years.

Oh yeah, and solar is now less expenses than traditional coal power. So that’s awesome. See below for all the stories.

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2.0 Show Notes

Power plants need to be built big enough to handle peak electric demand, not just average demand. To help handle the peak load, Tesla installed a set of batteries that will help the equivalent of 15,000 houses. Pretty cool.
Tesla battery backups for 15,000 house in SoCal


An even bigger help would be if those homes could generate some of their own power. Thanks to advances in solar panels, it now makes sense to invest in your own solar. In the show (and article) we run through the history of solar. Exciting times!
The state of residential solar power


Google’s been working hard to upgrade Android Wear, and it’s here! Wear 2.0 comes with many new features including a simplified interface, and better fitness tracking. To launch Wear 2.0, LG has 2 watches, and many more are on the way.
LG’s Android Wear 2.0 Sport Watch
7 Best Android Wear 2.0 Features


Speaking of 2.0, here’s an interesting thought piece on the next phase of mobile. One of the key ideas is that you’re going to see an unbundling of hardware and services. So instead of a phone that does everything, you have an Echo that does voice only, or a pair of glasses that takes pictures. Each single-purpose item does a better job of delivering a specific experience than a combined one. At least, that’s the idea, and the current trend.
Mobile 2.0


Sous Vide is an awesome way to cook food. Think of it as a slow cooker in a water bath. Anova is far and away the most popular product for non-commercial Sous Vide. This week it got it’s pay day with a $250 million deal. Congrats!
Sous Vide Kickstarter Anova Gets Bought for $250 Million


Each year Tech Crunch holds their annual Crunchies: a time to celebrate the success of startups. Check out the link below for all the winners. Or, listen to the show and hear Matthew come unglued with Snap wins an award.
And the winners of the 10th Annual Crunchies are…


What’s next for Netflix? That’s a quest we posed a few weeks back. They started with DVDs, then streaming, and now they’re making/distributing their own shows. The natural extension is to cell merchandise, and Stranger Things could be the perfect start for that.
Netflix Moves Into Merchandise


In case you’ve been in China the last week and can’t access YouTube, here’s a cool explainer of the drones used during Lady Gag’s halftime show.
Intel powered the drones during Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl halftime show