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Explosive Disaster

This week Tesla and Samsung deal with disasters that happened last year. A report showed that Tesla’s vehicle did everything it could to avoid a fatal accident. Samsung’s report showed that their batteries were the cause of the explosion and they have a new 8-point safety check to avoid it in the future.

We also talk about the improvements of the Raspberry Pie computer, how micro-software companies are the future, Airbus getting into flying cars, and how Google discovers malware. See below for all the stories.

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Disasters Show Notes

Raspberry continues to produce impressive computers in affordable form factors. Their new one fits in the size of a stick of ram.
Raspberry Pi 3 Comes To The Compute Module

SNL Hosts Aziz Ansari Monologue

Don Norman is an acclaimed designer. He had some choice words for Apple, Google, Microsoft and Tesla. Basically, only Microsoft is doing a good job of focusing on functionality and the end user experience.
What Apple, Google, And Tesla Get Wrong


One year ago a Tesla vehicle got into an accident while in autopilot mode. A new report came out saying the vehicle did everything it was supposed to. As a matter of fact, they’re able to show that autopilot helps reduce accidents by 40%!
Tesla Autopilot Exonerated Of Fatal Accident
Tesla’s Autopilot Reduced Crashes By 40%
Expect Tesla Hardware Revisions Every Year
New York Driver Group Pushes For Ban On Autonomous Vehicles
London startup launches chatbot to help renters exercise their rights
Automakers Are Redesigning The Steering Wheel For Self-Driving Cars


Samsung also released a report detailing why their phones explode. Essentially the batteries had defects that was driven by their desire to launch before they were fully tested.
When Will Samsung Release It’s Note 7 Report?
Sunday. They will do it Sunday
And They’ll Blame “Irregularly Sized Batteries”
What Caused The Note 7 To Explode
How They’ll Make Sure It Won’t Happen Again


This talks about some of the bigger tech trends. There are 3: software development is becoming cheaper. Education is more widely available, reducing the risk of software development, and the gig economy is increasing the demand for software solution. Have you build your app yet?
The Biggest Opportunity For Entrepreneurs To Build Recurring Income In 2017


So… the actress Kristen Stewart is into AI and published a paper detailing some of her learnings.
Kristen Stewart Co-Authored An AI Paper


Asking apps to tell if you they’re malware does work. So, Google came up with a way to check if apps stop Google from checking. If too many phones experience the same block, then Google will look closer at the app to figure out what’s going on.
How Google Finds Malware Even When It Can’t Search For It


Fly car! The end of the year! Airbus is going to be a player! This is SO exciting!
Airbus CEO sees ‘flying car’ prototype ready by end of year

Facebook wants to win big in the VR space and is ready to invest $3B to make sure it wins.
Facebook Plans On Spending $3 Billion On VR Over The Next Decade