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Pebble No Longer On My Wrist

This week John Glenn passes away. So we talk about going to space. And how Magic Leap lied about their product. How how Pebble will no longer be on anyone’s wrists. Wow – that sounds much darker than the show really was. We finish off talking about the future of shopping and VR. All the show notes are below.

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Google Home Giveaway

We’re giving away a Google Home this holiday season. Check it out. This is Matthew’s review of the product:



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Off The Wrist Show Notes

Why are tech billionaires interested in space? It turns out that each have a slightly different reason, but the result is the same: we’re looking to the stars.
Rocket men: why tech’s biggest billionaires want their place in space


So… it turns out that Magic Leap may not be that magical at the moment. What a non-surprise!
Vindication: A Magic Leap Story
Magic Leap CEO Does What He Does Best, Nothing But Talking


Pebble is dying and it seems like they’re the latest in a long list of dying hardware start-ups. The NYT has an investing piece which discusses why it’s happening.
The Gadget Apocalypse Is Upon Us
Pebble Canceled It’s Unreleased Hardware
…And They’re Being Bought By Fitbit
Demand For Wearables Is Up, But Not Because Of Watches


Apple is going to start publishing their AI research. It’s less important for the current crop of Apple employees, and more important in recruiting and retaining.
Apple Will Allow Employees To Publish AI Research
Inside Apple’s AI


Well… how about this… Amazon is opening up a brick and mortar store! What’s going on here?! While, that have a very interesting twist on how you’ll pay for your items.
Amazon Opened A Cashier-less Convenience Store
Amazon Wants It To Be A Massive Chain


Google, HTC, Oculus and Sony joined the global VR Association to build toward a standard VR.
Everybody’s Having A VR Party Without Valve


This is a cool video we only briefly talk about.
Using Century-Old Technology To Make Gas-Powered Engines More Efficient