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We start off the show with a story about a guy who decides to become an Instagram Influencer (#LiveAuthentic). It’s interesting to see what it actually takes. We also talk about self-driving cars acquisitions, coveted NES games, memory cards, internet duct tape, The Machine, measure power consumption and more. Show notes are below.


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#LiveAuthentic Show Notes

Here’s an awesome story that describes what it takes to gain a ton of followers on Instagram and become an influencer. #LiveAuthentic
Confessions of an Instagram Influencer


OTTO made a promo video that helped get them noticed by Uber where their truck was driving without a pilot in the driver’s seat on an open highway. It turns out that’s illegal under Nevada regulations. Also, it turns out there is no punishment outlined in the regulations. So yeah, what’s the harm in breaking the law if you can’t be punished for it? #LiveAuthentic
OTTO Broke The Law To Get Acquired By Uber
George Hotz Is Going Open Source


Two noteworthy purchases happened this week. First Fitbit bought Pebble. Goodbye Pebble! We’re going to miss you! Second, AngelList and Product Hunt decide it’s better to work together instead of eventually competing.
Fitbit is buying troubled smartwatch maker Pebble for around $40 million
AngelList acquires Product Hunt


Amazon keeps finding ways to make using AWS easier. One of them involves literally putting all your data on a truck and driving it to their datacenter.
Never Doubt The Bandwidth Of A Van Full Of Hard Drives
AWS Is Getting FPGAs


Stadium Events is the most coveted NES game where people are willing to pay thousands for it. Why? Not because it’s great, just because it’s rare.
How did a boring Nintendo game from 1987 become the most coveted cartridge ever?


Memory cards were designed as long term storage, but as apps and OSes evolve they are being used for swap memory to expand the limitations of RAM. Now they’ll be rated based on their ability to perform in that use case.
New Memory Card Classification Arrive As use Cases Change


IFTTT is the duct tape of the internet. In an effort to stay alive, they’re changing up the way the earn revenue.
Inside IFTTT’s Plan For A More Harmonious Internet


Lenovo is all in on Tango, and moving out of the smart watch market.
Moto Z Will Get A Tango Mod
Lenovo Moto Won’t Make A New Smartwatch


The Machine! It’s alive!
HPE Has Got The Machine Working


This is cool. Want to know what’s drawing your energy? MIT can help.
MIT Built Current Tracking Chips For Your IoT Hom


New elements are created! Let’s build something new!
Periodically, We Get A New Periodic Table