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an open letter

It started out as a normal tech week… and then Slack wrote an open letter to Microsoft – an unforced error. We dive deep into why it’s a mistake. Plus, we talk about a new vigilante app, Deepmind playing Starcraft, Apple’s lack of a vision, Toyota’s cool toy to turn on your car, Xiamoi’s goal of selling phones in the US, the future of voice activated devices, and VR. See below for all the show notes.

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Open Letter Show Notes

Here’s a new one. This app lets you see crimes as they’re happening so you can go and take video of the crime happening. Yes, this is real.
What We Know About Bizarre Crime Filming App Vigilante


Nothing can go wrong when teaching AI how to play a war game.
Google And Blizzard Team Up To Teach Deepmind How To Play Starcraft II


Microsoft came out with Team, which is a copy cat of Slack. In a pre-response, Slack wrote an open letter to Microsoft. It didn’t come off very well.
Microsoft Teams launches to take on Slack in the workplace
Slacks Full Page Letter To Microsoft Was Probably A Really Bad Move


It’s clear that Apple has lost their way on the Mac front. It’s like they have the B-team working on the products.
Apple Is Slashing Prices On All Their Peripherals From the Macbook Pro Announcement
Including the 5k and 4k Screens


Toyota’s new box has all the functions of the smart key fob, but it uses bluetooth to identify phones nearby that should have access. Suddenly you can lend your car to someone else, they can get in and turn the car on without the fob, just the app and the owner’s permission. Pretty cool!
Toyota Is Making A Every Phone A Smart Key


It’s a rigorous process to be able to sell your phones through the American telecoms, but it’s best way to infiltrate the American markets. Xiamoi is making the commitment to do just that.
Xiamoi Gears Up To Be A Player In The US


Are specialize voice-enable devices the future? Hello seems to think so.
Hello launches a voice-enabled Sense bedside sleep tracker for $149


This week in VR:
Hololens Makes Battle Zone VR A Possibility For Real Life
Lenovo Phab2 Pro. Do I?
HTC Wants To Revive Arcades With Vive
L’Oreal Makes VR Hairdressing Lessons


The hits keep on coming for Samsung. This week their washing machines are causing trouble.
Samsung washing machines recalled for risk of ‘impact injuries’


In 2916 Nikola Tesla accurately described cell phones today.
Telsa Quote