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Creating compelling products requires a visionary leader. Someone who can put the product line in context and provide a rationale for what was, or was not, created. Tesla and Microsoft both have visionary leaders. Apple appears to be struggling in this area.

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Visionary Show Notes

There’s a fear that automation will lead to a loss of jobs. Vox takes a different approach and tells us why it will simply be a shift in jobs. A lot of it has to do with how much human involvement is needed.
The productivity paradox: why we’re getting more innovation but less growth
Restaurants to eaters: Please, for the love of god, stop using Seamless


There’s no way this will have horrifying consequences in the robot controlled future.
MIT Is Training An AI To Scare Us


Microsoft unleashes the creator in each of us with the software, hardware and partners.
Top 8 MS Announcements
Microsoft Announces New VR Headwear
Paint 3D Gets Announced
Microsoft’s Studio PC Looks Pretty Awesome
The PC Is Part Of The Furniture


Apple announces a new MacBook with a Touch Bar.
Apple’s 7 Biggest Announcements
The MacBook Pro’s Ditch The Memory Card.
Apple’s TV App Is A Channel Guide For All You Streaming Content
Apple Announced A New Macbook Pro
Apple Just Embedded An iOS Computer With A Touch Screen Into The Macbook
Duet Turns Your iPad Into A Wacom Tablet


Uber takes their automated driving for a test drive.
Uber’s OTTO Delivered Budweiser Last Week
“It’s The People Vs Uber” -Elon Musk


You can be wildly successful as cultural phenomenon, but fail to make money and fail to improve the brand of your financially struggling parent company… it won’t end well.
Twitter is Shutting Down Vine
Why Twitter Won’t Sell Vine
Why Vine Failed