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Nintendo Switch

James got to try out Sony’s new VR with Matthew in this live recording! We also talk a lot about automated driving and Nintendo’s new console called The Switch. All the notes are below.

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Switch Show Notes

Face On With Sony’s VR. It’s pretty good.
A visual history of virtual reality headsets


The exploding phone saga continues…
Samsung Is Setting Up Exchange Booths At Airports


Tesla announces that all their cars are getting new hardware that will allow for level 5 automated driving.
Tesla’s Car Can Drive Itself. For Real
Watch A Fully-Autonomous Tesla Drive Itself Around Town And Parallel Park Itself
You Wont Be Able To Use Your Tesla For Uber
Reporters Are Murdering People
Tesla’s Autopilot Shadow Mode
Apple Is No Longer Building Cars


Nintendo announces their new console: the Switch.
Nintendo Switch
The Nintendo Switch, explained
The Nvidia Shield Powers The Nintendo Switch


A DDOS Attack On DynDNS Takes Down The Internet


Last week we talked about Microsoft making processors that could be re-programmed. It turns out that there’s on in Apple’s iPhone as well.
Apple Put An FPGA In The iPhone 7


Matthew and I get into an interesting discussion on how to screen people without actually meeting them.
HigherMe raises $1.5M to help businesses hire hourly workers