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Tim Cook's Nintendo Wii

This week, like every week, we talk about the continuing corporate of tech companies. We talk about power companies, Facebook’s data, how well Tim Cook is running Apple, Nintendo’s head in their sand over the Wii, spreadsheets, VR stuff (of course), and the amount of money Uber is losing. Check out all the notes below for the links.

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Tim Cook’s Show Notes

Want to help the environment, but not spend any extra money? Arcadia Power makes it super simple. Seriously, check it out. It’s free.
Arcadia Power
Solar Shingles: Elon Musk Takes on the Roofing Industry


Facebook lifts the curtain a little on what they know about you. In this case, Facebook guesses if you’re a liberal, conservative, or a moderate. It’s fascinating.
Facebook Thinks I’m a Liberal


Would Steve Jobs be OK with today’s Apple?
Five Years of Tim Cook’s Apple in Charts
Apple Made Siri A Neural Net Without Telling Anyone


Top executives think that the Wii U’s problems stemmed from poor branding. We think there’s more to it than that.
Learning From The Wii U


Spreadsheets are so last year. Companies are moving on to more sophisticated programs these days.
Moving Beyond Spreadsheets


Gentlemen, it looks like we have a VR race! Oculus might have a slight advantage in better visuals, but Vive’s peripheral support is in a different league. Between the motion controllers, better headphone options and a superior system for motion tracking multiple objects, the gap is only going to grow between the two competitors.
Developers Are Targeting Vive More Than Oculus


We’re starting to see more use-cases for drones. It’s an exciting time… and a potentially scary time.
Drone startup Aptonomy introduces the self-flying security guard


Startups bleed cash. That’s a truism, but eventually the bleed has to slow and even stop. Uber just keeps spending more.
Uber Is Still Losing A Ton Of Money