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SpaceX Follow Up Rocket

This week’s podcast is mostly about follow up stories. SpaceX re-launches another rocket, Apple’s Macs are still old, Instagram will probably kill Snapchat, & smart locks aren’t very secure. Then there’s the new stuff: Tim Berners-Lee’s plan to take your data back, Facebook v AdBlock, LG’s awesome headphone jack, Amazon’s 1-click video purchases, and Sweden’s mechanized pot holes. All the links and details are below.

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Follow Up Show Notes

We kick off the show with our week VR update. This story is a cool way to avoid motion sickness.
Don’t teleport. Fly! How to do it in VR without motion sickness

SpaceX continues to break new ground. The Falcon 9 completed it’s follow up mission with flying colors.
SpaceX Lands Again

Tim Berners-Lee thinks the web is broken. Specifically, he doesn’t like that most of our data is stored on private company servers. This is his plan to make it open again.
How the father of the World Wide Web plans to reclaim it from Facebook and Google

This is a follow up to last week when we bagged on Apple for not updating their MacBook Pros. Maybe it’s because they don’t need to be updated.
The last Mac you’ll ever own
Apple Said to Plan First Pro Laptop Overhaul in Four Years

Another follow up to Instagram’s Stories. It’s possible that this is enough to stop Snapchat. Matthew would be happy about that.
Instagram castrated Snapchat like Facebook neutered Twitter
Publishers Flock to New Instagram Stories

Here we’re following up on the chip & pin credit cards. It turns out everyone is annoyed by it, and things just might start changing for the better.
Chip Card Nightmares? Help Is on the Way
An ATM hack and a PIN-pad hack show chip cards aren’t impervious to fraud

The weekly smart home update. It turns out that most smart locks are not very secure. The August, the one I own, does pretty well, which is good.
75 Percent of Bluetooth Smart Locks Can Be Hacked

Apple Maps in the Bay Area were fantastic, because that’s where all the beta testers lived. But when they rolled it out to the rest of the world, it wasn’t so great. That’s why Apple now opens up their betas to the public.
Apple’s Public Betas Are A Consequence Of Apple Maps

Let the Facebook and adblocking cat & mouse games begin!
Facebook Now Blocks Ad Blockers
Adblock Plus already defeated Facebook’s new ad blocking restrictions
Facebook rolls out code to nullify Adblock Plus’ workaround again

With rumors of Apple getting rid of the headphone jack, other phone makers are doubling down on it. This sounds just like the days of Flash.
LG is quadrupling down on the headphone jack

This feels like something that should have been around for a few years now.
Amazon introduces 1-Click food purchases inside its own Prime Video shows

Mechanized pot holes. Yes!
Sweden’s Robotic Speed Bumps Do Not Mess Around