249: Eating A Burger While Not Driving

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Eating A Burger While Not Driving

We started things out mourning the loss of a great piece of Facebook tech. We then looked toward the future, and how to educate it. Things nearly careened out of control for a little while, but we avoided an accident. We wrapped it all up with a nutritious machined made burger. We also mentioned HTC spinning off their VR department, Spotify getting testy with Apple and Google increasing the bandwidth to Japan.

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Show Notes Eating A Burger While Not Driving

We want the things we love to stay and the things we hate to change completely. It’s hurts when they flip that around.
Facebook Is Shutting Down Paper


James loves it, Matthew is a critic who does nothing but expects kids to fail.
Project Bloks: Making code physical for kids 


This looks like a really great update to piece of software in a highly competitve market. That is, if you have Android.
Google Fit v1.57 rolls out with a major visual redesign, improved goals, and a configurable widget


The first death occurred from a car driving itself. Technically not the car’s fault, but it’s hard to think this would have happened if a person had been in control.
There Was A Death While Tesla’s Autopilot Was Engaged
His Tesla Didn’t Always Fail Him
The Driver Was Watching Harry Potter
Products That Are Good Are Vulnerable To Bad Safety News At The Wrong Time


Matthew And Diana Use Oculus. It was quite the awesome experience being scared of heights and dinosaurs. 


The robot revolution is upon us! Especiall if you’re south of Market St. They’ll be serving us burgers… for now.
Commercially Available Burgers Made By Robots
Satya’s 5 Rules Or Robotics


HTC Spins off their VR Department. Doesn’t change anything for Vive, except if the rest of HTC fails, The VR company can be sold.
HTC Spins Off HTC Vive, A Wholly Owned Subsidiary 


As the streaming music market heats up, the tactics start to move. Is Apple being anticompetitive or just offering a level playing field?
Spotify Think’s Apple’s App Store Policy Are Anti-Competitive

Apple Responds: Spotify Won’t Get Preferential Treatment 


It’s not often someone gets to double the bandwidth of a high bandwidth route with the flick of a switch.
Google Doubled The Bandwidth Across The Pacific

A little bonus content that didn’t make it into the 2 hour show
Volkswagen Settles For $15 Billion