241: This Episode Has In-Show Purchases, The Cost Will Shock You.

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In-Show Purchases

So far podcasting has been free and open. However, some would like to see Apple play more central role to allow things like better analytics and in-show purchases. As long as it doesn’t ruin the medium, it should be OK. We also talk about games, graphics, 3D printing, VR and so much more! Check out all the links and details below.

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In-Show Purchases Notes

NVIDIA’s new GTX 1080 breaks all the rules for speed and energy used. Way to go guys!
Nvidia’s New GPUs Are Kind Of A Big Deal


Nolan Bushnell wants to make mobile games good by going back to gaming fundamentals. He’s OK with in-game purchases, wants them to have more meaning. He’s teaming up with Spil to make it happen.
Atari co-founder: mobile games make me want to throw my phone


Is Craig Wright the creator of Bitcoin? Maybe!
Australian Craig Wright claims to be Bitcoin creator
Craig Wright Declines Second Test To Prove He’s Satoshi Nakomoto – Here’s What To Read
Craig Wright is not Satoshi Nakamoto


SpaceX does it again: The land another rocket on the ocean. And shockingly it’s already old news.
SpaceX Lands Another Rocket On The Ocean
We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Hangar
The Biggest Name In Superhero Costume Design Is Making SpaceX A Space Suit


This is ridiculous. It turns out that Tesla ships a bigger battery in every car, and artificially locks people out of using all of it… unless they pay extra. Again, ridiculous.
Tesla’s Over-The-Air Battery Upgrade


Podcasts are growing, which is great. And people are looking to get more data on their listeners, plus be able to offer in-show purchases. Though Marco Arment warns to be careful for what we wish for.
Podcasts Surge, but Producers Fear Apple Isn’t Listening
Apple’s actual role in podcasting: be careful what you wish for


Call of Duty is taking a drubbing while Battlefield is getting praised.


MakerBot is struggling to stay alive in a 3D printed future. Is this a fundamental problem with 3D printing, or with MakerBot?
3D Printing The Void


The joys of crowd sourcing names is that someone will come up with something hilarious, that everyone will vote for.
Boaty McBoatface


Click the link to watch the video of Google’s self-driving car. It’s as bad as you would imagine. And as awesome as you would imagine.
Google Self-Driving Cars In GTA


You know those VR videos of people falling over because they’re reaching for something that isn’t actually there? Here’s one idea to help stop that.
Moving Blocks In VR


The Video Game Hall of Fame! These games are all classic. Though, one of them doesn’t feel like the others…
‘The Oregon Trail’ among 6 inducted into video game hall of fame