237: You Won’t Believe Where Elon Musk Landed His Rocket

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Tired James After Musk Landed His Rocket

I’m back on the podcast! And what a week to be back. For starters, Elon Musk landed his rocket on a barge. How cool is that?! We’ve got all the other show note below. Enjoy!

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Notes Where Musk Landed His Rocket


AI research continues to push the bounds of what’s possible. Now it’s painting pictures like famous artists.
The New Rembrandt

This is awesome. When trucks autonomously follow one another, it’s called “platooning”. And now it’s being done using WiFi.
A fleet of trucks drove themselves across Europe


NVIDIA is all-in on AI. Last week they unveiled the Tesla P1000 which is an all-in-one supercomputer designed for AI computing.
Nvidia Will Power First Driverless Car Race
Nvidia’s New All-In-One Supercomputer
The Tesla P1000
Google And Rackspace Are Working An IBM Powered Server
Meg Whitman Throws Shade At IBM


The title of the article says it all. Congrats to Elon Musk on landing his rocket on a barge. Pretty cool and worth watching.
Video: SpaceX Launches Cargo To The ISS And Lands The Rocket On A Drone Barge


Remember those concerns we had about Google killing services? It looks like it’s starting to extend to physical products as well. Though, this time it seems more like a Tony Fadell problem.
Nest is about to deliberately break one of its own products
Things Look Bad For Google’s Nest
Two Execs Are Leaving
Nest Is Looking Like A Bust


This is an hour long video that goes deep into the HTC Vive.
HTC Vive Tested


Facebook had a tough week in the news. It sure seems like people are sharing less on Facebook. We’re still not sure if that’s good or bad though.
People are reportedly sharing fewer personal updates on Facebook
“Please Post About Yourself More” -Facebook
How Facebook ruined Instagram
A Timeline Of Facebook Copying Snapchat


Hotz is back, and now he has cash. The automated car space continues to rev up.
They Guy Who Jerry-Rigged A Self Driving Car Just Got 3 mil From Venture


Football + Twitter could be awesome. I’m personally looking forward to this.
The NFL has found a surprising venue for its Thursday night football games: Twitter