230: The 6 D’s of Growth. The 3rd D Will Blow Your Mind.

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Tumblr Growth

This week we talk about the book Bold and the 6 D’s of growth. Specially, what does it take for a technology to generate exponential growth? It’s great discussion we think you’ll love.

We also hit on Samsung’s new products, why Alphabet’s X tries to kill projects, Apple’s fight against the FBI, how teens use Tumblr, Kanye’s Tidal of troubles, new VR headsets, publishing with Reedsy, and saying thank you with ThankView.

All the show notes are below. Enjoy the show!

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The 6 D’s of Growth Notes

James is reading a new book: Bold: How to Go Big, Create Wealth and Impact the World by Peter Diamonds & Steven Kotler. It’s regularly blowing his mind. In this episode we talk about the 6 D’s of exponential growth.
The book on Amazon
Bold: 6D’s


Samsung made some cool announcements to open Mobile World Congress. The Gear 360 is particularly cool.
Samsung Announces An LTE Connected Car Dongle/Hotspot
Samsung Gear 360
Samsung S7 with Waterproofing And Always On Display


Alphabet X (formally Google X) has one task: kill big projects. It’s an interesting way of tackling some of the biggest problems in the world.
The Secret to Moonshots? Killing Our Projects


Should a secret language be illegal? Should it be illegal to manufacture a safe that will destroy its contents if anyone but the owner tries to access it? Why don’t we use luggage locks anywhere but luggage? Where’s the line of freedom and privacy? Apple is wrestling with these questions with the FBI.
Apple Would Rather Not Unlock Your Phone For The FBI
Beijing Claims Apple Is Taking A Different Tact With Them
The FBI’s Case Is Based On A 1789 Law
The FBI Made It Impossible To Get The Data Off The Phone
An Excellent Summary by Gizmodo


Ready to feel old again this week? A reporter goes deep into the lives of teens who amass a huge following and make some serious money. The article is super long, but very interesting.
The Secret Lives of Tumblr Teens


Well… You have to give Kanye credit for trying. But this just spells doom for Tidal.
Kanye’s Botched Album Debut Cost Him $10m


This product is for Matthew. Feel free to hit him up on Twitter and ask when his book will be published.
Reedsy Launches Book Editor To Seamlessly Turn Your Draft Into A Book


And now for your weekly VR update. The Daytona story is pretty awesome and clearly points to the future of entertainment.
The $799 Vive’s Price Leaks
Leap Motion And VR Might Be A Match Made In Heaven
This Weekends Daytona 500 Was Broadcast In VR
GameStop CEO: We’ll Launch PSVR In The Fall


Have to send a bunch of thank you cards? Don’t send paper, instead create a personal video.
ThankView Is A Paperless Post For Thank You Cards

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